Scorpio Birthstone

The Scorpio Birthstone supports the Scorpio star sign which takes the eighth position on the zodiac sign chart. Scorpio Birthstones are associated with the water element and resonate most with those born between October 23rd and November 22nd. Scorpios are passionate, intense, and ambitious, often driven by their powerful emotions.

What Is The Scorpio Birthstone?

When it comes to the Scorpio birthstone, the primary stone is Topaz. This birthstone is available in many colors, but for Scorpions, orange-yellow and blue do all the wonders. Orange or yellow Topaz has many incredible healing powers and keeps the wearer safe from all dangers.

While this Scorpio birthstone color is typically yellow, it can also be found in blue, brown, purple, red, and green. As per astrologists, Blue Topaz keeps Scorpios mentally strong and calm while warding off negative energy and introducing joy and happiness.

Other than Topaz, gemstones such as Agate, Aquamarine, Opal, Beryl, Ruby, and Peridot also bring balance and positive energies to a Scorpio’s life. We will learn the meanings and characteristics of these crystals later in this article.

Scorpio stones help purify the life of the wearer while helping to strengthen bonds and rebuild broken relationships. Scorpios are determined and focused individuals their designated birthstone helps balance their personality and characteristics.

Scorpio gemstones are also said to have a positive influence on their health. The healing crystals improve immunity and help treat asthma, mental illnesses, and sleep disorders.

Characteristics of Scorpio Individuals

Quick Facts

  • Element: Water Sign
  • Birth Date: October 24 to November 22
  • Ruler: Pluto
  • Respective Colors: Crimson, Black, Blood Red, Deep Purple, Maroon
  • Compatible Signs: Pisces and Cancer

Scorpios Explained

Scorpios are represented by the strong Scorpion, which highlights their passionate and intense nature. These individuals are often ambitious and driven by their powerful emotions. These qualities make Scorpios good and loyal friends; however, having them as enemies isn’t wise.

Since people with a Scorpio sign are resourceful, they don’t shy away from succeeding in life. Moreover, their passionate nature gives them the ability to be decisive, which helps them become successful leaders.

Among all these characteristics, Scorpios are also labeled as secretive and may come across as intimidating at times. Scorpios take time to open up and communicate their feelings, but you may find their deep personality pretty interesting once they open up.

Colors Associated With Scorpio Birthstones

The eighth sign on the zodiac chart is associated with many colors, including yellow, blue, and brown. Yellow birthstones bring Scorpios lots of joy, while blue is associated with calmness and deep thoughts.

Scorpios often find colors such as maroon, bottle green, purple, and black especially appealing. However, as per astrologists, they should stay away from pastel shades and pale colors that might bring dullness to their life.

Scorpio Birthstone List

Scorpio’s birthstones have some excellent healing properties. These crystals bring balance to Scorpios and remove all kinds of negative traits from their personalities.

What’s more, these stones are known to free the wearer’s mind from dark and secretive thoughts. Scorpios aren’t vulnerable, and these zodiac birthstones keep them grounded, balanced and healthy for life.

Below we have shared a list of some fantastic Scorpio birthstones that can make a huge difference in their lives.


Almost eleven birthstones belong to this star sign, but the primary gemstone is Topaz. Most Scorpios have a dual personality; interestingly, Topaz is a perfect stone for them because it is pleochroic, meaning that the stone’s colors change from different angles.

Topaz is also available in many different colors. For example, you might find Topaz in blue, brown, yellow, pink, and purple. There is also a colorless version, treated to reflect blue hues.

Precious Topaz was believed to be a gift from the sun, known to keep the wearer safe from uncertainties, harm, and danger. One of the best qualities of this stone is that it gels well with all the colors, creating jewelry pieces with warm tones.

Topaz can positively influence the minds and bodies of people who wear them. This gemstone removes all the negative energies from the wearer’s mind and helps in purifying their life.

This stone is ideal for throat chakra that helps Scorpios build strong communication and encourages them to maintain a gentle approach using the right words.

You can wear this gemstone either as a pendant or ring. Mix the stone with gold to create a beautiful piece of jewelry.


Many Scorpios often experience a dip in their confidence and energy. To raise both these things, Citrine might be a perfect crystal to wear. This warm, beautiful stone clears out the solar plexus chakra, helping you to escape the dark and explore the brightest opportunities in your life.

Citrine is a bright stone that works for a majority of star signs. However, for Scorpios, the stone is especially beneficial for removing all energy blockages and spreading positivity.

The cheerful color of this stone is also associated with optimism. It helps manifest opportunities and financial abundance and enhances personal power.


This third eye and heart chakra stone help Scorpios develop sympathy and care for the people around them. Dioptase is a vibrant green stone that relinquishes emotions like depression, trauma, and anxiety. This exquisite mineral supports the flow of positive energy and resets the emotions in one’s body.

The stone also reverberates the thymus chakra. Also referred to as the “seat of the soul, “it is associated with spiritual growth, a strong immune system, forgiveness, and compassion.


Available in various shades, Agate is a fantastic match for Scorpios. This stone rebalances and harmonizes the body, spirit, and mind. Moreover, Agate cleanses negative energy, improves mental function, and builds better perception and concentration.

It is also an excellent crystal to polish your intuition and enhance your analytical abilities.

Since there are many types of Agate, each has its own quality. For instance, Fire Agate emits positivity and eliminates darkness from the lives of Scorpios.

Similarly, Moss Agate is a rich stone that keeps the wearer closer to nature. Finally, blue Agate softens the hearts of Scorpios, making them conscious of their friendships and other relations.


Also known as “the stone of courage and protection, Aquamarine is an ideal crystal for Scorpios. It helps a Scorpio calm down in situations that they may find dangerous.

This stone also protects the wearer from unforeseen circumstances. In addition, it helps to redevelop focus and balance in the wearer’s mind and body so they can access the situations in a better way.

This gem has a unique greenish-blue color that makes it stand out, regardless of where it’s worn.


Another Scorpio birthstone, Ruby, is a beautiful and powerful crystal that compliments this zodiac sign any day. This is one of the few Scorpio gemstones that help raise the bar of passion and promotes better health. Besides, this Scorpio birthstone brings out the wearer’s unique traits, such as self-control, protection, and power.

Ruby is known to build a positive energy that maintains calmness throughout. This stone also favors luck when it comes to this zodiac sign. It builds self-confidence and pushes the wearer to keep moving.


Ruled by Venus, Beryl is considered a fantastic Scorpio birthstone. It activates different chakras, such as the solar plexus and crown chakra, and replenishes all types of life forces.

Additionally, Beryl is an ideal crystal to bring calmness to a hyperactive Scorpio. It is also a heart chakra that reminds the wearer to simplify their life.

If you are a Scorpio, this birthstone can support you in kicking out negative habits and people from your life, making it better and brighter than ever before.


Obsidian is a grounding stone that gives out a dreamy, yet dark vibe. The beautiful black stone protects the wearer from situations they might throw themselves in, only to regret later.

This stone is all about maintaining balance in one’s life. It also has a unique charm, making it suitable for various jewelry pieces.


Peridot is a sparkling stone that opens the heart. The Scorpio birthstone oozes wonder and warmth and helps the wearer to let go of things that may disturb them.

Scorpios often experience uncontrollable mood swings and temper issues. If you do, Peridot might be your perfect companion. It also improves focus and determination, helping the Scorpios to stand out from the rest.

How to Use Scorpio Birthstones and Crystals

You can wear the Scorpio birthstone in many ways. If you want to harness its energy and power, place them on your platinum, gold, or silver ring. Rings are easy to wear whenever and wherever you like.

You can also flaunt bracelets and necklaces featuring Topaz. They look fashionable and also keep you protected at all times.

If you don’t like wearing stones as jewelry, you can keep them around your safe zone. For instance, you can place yellow, brown, or orange Topaz in the middle of your bedroom or home. This way, the stone emits positive energy in all directions.

How To Cleanse Your Crystals

Did you know that unclean or poorly maintained crystals may not perform as expected? To benefit from a stone, you must ensure that your crystal is fully charged and in its best shape.

And for that, regular cleansing is imperative. If you own a hard stone, place it under tepid water for some time. You can also use sage to smudge delicate stones.

After they are fully charged, place the stones under the moonlight, sunlight, or around an assortment of quartz crystals. This step helps in sharing energy and making your crystals useful for you.

Final Thoughts On Scorpio Birthstones

Like other zodiac signs, Scorpio has many birthstones, Topaz being the main one. These birthstones can help shape the lives of those who use them and enhance the self-confidence and focus required to achieve goals.

Since Scorpios are determined individuals, the crystals encourage them to push through all obstacles and earn rewards at every phase of life. In addition, some of the stones discussed above also have strong healing powers, making them beneficial to strengthen immunity and treating other mental illnesses.

If you belong to this zodiac sign, try these birthstones to experience a rise in your energies, luck, fortune, and health.

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