Gemini Birthstone

The Gemini Birthstone supports the Gemini star sign which takes the third position on the zodiac sign chart. Gemini Birthstones are associated with the air sign and resonate most with those born between May 21st and June 21st. Represented by the constellation with twins Castor and Pullox, Geminis are known to be the smartest and most well-balanced minds on Earth.

What is the Gemini Birthstone?

There are many birthstones associated with Gemini but the primary Gemini birthstones are Agate, Pearl, and Emerald. While Agate is the primary Gemini birthstone, a June Gemini birthstone would include either Moonstone or Pearl, while a May Gemini birthstone would be Emerald.

Other birthstones that are lucky for this zodiac sign include Amethyst, Tiger’s eye, Green Tourmaline, and Citrine. Most of these gems are healing crystals and help treat the Gemini star sign in every way possible. You can choose any of these stones to make beautiful birthstone jewelry.

Characteristics of Gemini Individuals

Quick Facts

  • Element: Air
  • Birth Date: May 21 to June 21
  • Ruler: Planet Mercury
  • Respective Colors: Green, Black, Pink, Red, and White
  • Compatible Signs: Libra and Aquarius

Geminis Explained

As per Greek mythology, the twins Pullox and Castor were inseparable. When Castor died, Pullox asked the gods to allow him to share mortality with the twin so that they could stay together forever. This wish transformed them into the constellation known as Gemini.

Geminis are known to be the smartest and most well-balanced minds on Earth. However, they often keep a dual personality and versatile nature. They are one of the mutable zodiac signs, meaning their key traits involve natural flexibility and adaptability.

They are generally hardworking and loyal individuals. They are witty and curious, and always open to trying new things and taking risks. However, Geminis tend to get bored and distracted quite easily.

Geminis always appreciate change, whether they are prepared for it or not. They easily fit themselves in the most awkward situations and often change their personalities to blend within an environment, much like a chameleon.

What’s more, Geminis are considered extremely strong with dual nature. These people are good at handling stress and avoid creating a scene in situations that don’t support their vibe. People who belong to this astrological sign prefer harmony over chaos and put efforts into making this world a better place for all.

If you belong to this star sign, keep reading to explore which Gemini gemstone resonates most with you.

Colors Associated With Gemini Birthstones

The Gemini birthstone color isn’t one but many. The Gemini birthstone Pearl, Agate, and Citrine are the most popular today. Therefore, the Gemini stone is most associated with blue, orange, white, and yellow.

All Gemini birthstones feature unique characteristics. For example, Moonstone and Pearl have a shimmering white color that represents the intellect, grace, and freedom of a Gemini.

Similarly, Citrine is a Gemini crystal that exudes positivity and warmth. Its yellow-orange color represents happiness and optimism.

Additionally, stones such as Agate, Aquamarine, and Apatite are blue, representing the spiritual growth of this star sign and the ability to speak the truth.

As a Gemini, you can experience great positivity while wearing all these white, orange, and blue stones. However, choosing the one that resonates most with your unique personality can prove quite beneficial.

Gemini Birthstone List

Since there are many promising Gemini gemstones, Geminis can select those that resonate most with them.

A few of the Gemini birthstones mentioned in the list below have extraordinary crystal healing properties, attract good luck, and build emotional balance.


This Gemini birthstone belongs to the family of micro-crystalline quartz. It is available in many colors and is considered quite versatile.

Agate supports the Gemini sign by bringing good luck. It is a traditional birthstone that assists in opening and clearing the throat chakra. As a result, wearing an Agate crystal makes public speaking and communicating true feelings easier.

What’s more, Moss Agate can help to calm down an anxious and scattered mind, making it a popular stone for anxious Geminis. It keeps their nerves in place and allows them to balance their dual personality traits.

This Gemini birthstone also helps in transforming negative energy into positive vibes. Simply put, if you require positivity around you, Agate might be the best lucky stone for you.


One of the most loved crystals, Pearl is a beautiful Gemini birthstone that helps bring balance between polarity and separation. According to experts, Pearl attracts Mercury’s powers and spreads them around.

Contrary to common belief, Pearls are available in more colors than white. Different Pearl colors can strengthen various Gemini birthstone personalities, bringing happiness while balancing ego and humility.

In addition, Pearls tend to exude richness and value while keeping the wearer down-to-earth and humble.


Citrine is popularly known as the sunshine stone and belongs to the quartz mineral group. It has a color range between pale yellow and bright orange and represents the happy and outgoing nature of a Gemini. Citrine was once known as the “Light Bringer” as it exudes bright vibes and lots of joy.

This Gemini birthstone helps people with the zodiac sign Gemini to explore their inner selves and tap into the hidden light. It is best for people who have lost their charm and want to regain their spark as soon as possible.

It is also an ideal stone to keep during rough times because it has a sunny and cheerful frequency that keeps all the negativity at bay. It is also known as a healing stone, meaning it can make you feel better after a demanding and excruciating situation.

Citrine also looks stunning in birthstone jewelry and is one of the most worn Gemini birthstones.


This beautiful stone belongs to the family of feldspar crystals. You can easily spot a Moonstone through its pearly and gorgeous shimmer. It represents the feminine hidden in everyone and symbolizes new beginnings.

This Gemini birthstone is translucent but can also be found in gray and white. Interestingly, Moonstone is also available in green, pink, blue, and brown colors.

This birthstone helps the Gemini zodiac sign to experience clarity. It adds a degree of spiritual enlightenment to one’s life and helps in decision-making. Moonstone helps the Geminis find their direction and walk on the path of success.


One of the most precious stones, Alexandrite, is usually found in Russia and is known to bring lots of luck, wealth and good fortune. This fantastic stone’s shimmering blue color gives a positive vibe.

If you are a Gemini facing issues such as low esteem levels or confidence, this stone might build your emotional well-being. Alexandrite brings joy and helps to find happiness and positivity in all situations.

The stone helps you eliminate negative energies from your mind, body, and soul. It also detoxifies your body from all impurities and supports good health.

Tiger Eye

Geminis are famous for their social grace. They know the art of dealing with society and people. However, they are easily attracted to negative people, which might harm their peace.

In such situations, the Tiger eye can prove quite helpful. It works as a protective shield and provides all the necessary protection against negative energy.

This stone has a silky texture that features a brown color with black stripes. It is believed that this stone harnesses masculinity. This gem also emits strong solar vibrations that help Gemini to heal.

Combining this stone with Moonstone may work if you are looking for ways to balance your feminine and masculine identities.


According to astrologists, a Tourmaline can help Geminis live a balanced life, strengthening the mind, body, and spirit. Moreover, the stone enhances personal growth and brings good health to the wearer.

Pink Tourmaline is often referred to as the pink stone. It promotes passion and unconditional love. Gemini loves attention and care, but they are oftentimes their harshest critic. The pink stone makes it easy for them to appreciate their inner soul and be satisfied with who they are.

Another interesting quality of this stone is that it awakens the creative side of a person. Tourmaline is a favorite of writers and artists that enjoy expressing themselves through their art.

If you are a Gemini experiencing rough situations in life, Tourmaline can be an appropriate crystal to promote serenity and peace.

Blue Apatite

Blue Apatite is said to promote communication, knowledge, and creativity, making it the perfect gemstone for Gemini. As one of the best stones to support the throat chakra and encourage authentic communication, Blue Apatite provides social ease and celebrates authenticity.

Apatite is also known for its ability to enhance concentration and memory, making it a great stone for students or anyone who needs a little extra help in those areas. In addition to its educational benefits, Blue Apatite is also said to be helpful in relieving stress and tension.

Blue Apatite is known to harness creativity and imagination. This crystal supports most astrological signs, but especially the air signs.

Blue Topaz

If you crave inner strength, generosity, and warmth, Topaz is a perfect stone for you. Blue Topaz is an ideal crystal for Geminis as it unlocks the heart chakra. It helps deepen your bond with your loved ones and allows you to love and appreciate yourself.

The heart chakra, when unbalanced, can lead to severe scars in relationships. However, with this stone, you feel like you appreciate the positive traits of people around you.

Blue Topaz is one of the rare gems and its hidden nature makes it all so special. Geminis are the same with their relationships, and so Blue Topaz is a perfect gem for them.


Flaunting blue and green hues, Aquamarine is a stunning Gemini birthstone that supports both the throat and heart chakra.

This cleansing and calm crystal help people suffering from grief or loss. Geminis may not show it, but they can be sensitive at times. They often face a rollercoaster of emotions but gemstones like Aquamarine can help to pull them out of periods of darkness.

In addition, this Gemini birthstone helps people overcome their fears. As a result, Geminis become free spirits with better communication skills. Geminis also feel that they are better understood while wearing this gem.


Amethyst is a gorgeous Gemini birthstone that stands for calmness and purity, ideal for people who are born in June. This crystal brings inner peace and creates a more balanced life.

Amethyst can also elevate personality traits like intelligence and wittiness, encouraging Geminis to always show their best self to the world.

Another fantastic quality of this crystal is that it symbolizes safety and tranquility. It clears the mind, helping Geminis to make the right decisions.

How to Use Gemini Crystals and Stones

Crystals can change your life, provided that you use them correctly. Here are some tips that can help you benefit from whichever stone you choose.

Wear As Jewelry

You can wear your preferred crystals as jewelry and let them touch your skin as frequently as possible. This way, you can tap into their vibrations and energy.

Fortunately, there are many ways you can wear your stones as jewelry. You can add them to your necklace, wear them on a bracelet, or even on a ring. Either way, they will benefit you beyond your expectations.

When wearing crystals, try using the mix-and-match technique. For instance, if you are a Gemini, you can wear an Aquamarine crystal with a Pearl to harmonize your throat and crown chakra. This will help you give your honest opinion while establishing peace in your heart and mind.

Use As A Touch Stone

If you can’t wear a crystal, you can use it as a touchstone. Ensure you place your crystal somewhere it can be with you all day like your pocket or in your purse, even on your desk at work to help focus throughout the day.

When you need the healing properties of your crystal, hold it in your hands and imagine the energy of the crystal transferring from the stone into your own energetic field.

Use During Meditation

Do you meditate? If so, holding one of the crystals during your meditation practice can help you connect with your inner self and polish your inner powers.

When meditating with your stone, hold it close to your heart chakra to feel the full effects.

How To Store Your Crystals

If you want your crystals to keep you safe and full of positivity for a long time, ensure to store them properly. Here are a few ways in which you can protect them.

  • Fragile gemstones should always be stored in fabric pouches to avoid any scratches.
  • If you can dedicate a separate box to these gemstones, you can demonstrate their importance of them in your life. Get a box with various sections to avoid the energies from mixing.
  • Organize your crystals in a disciplined manner. For example, you can place them by chakra, color, or shape.

Final Thoughts on Gemini Birthstones

Gemini people are strong-headed, focused, and creative. They love giving and receiving attention. Moreover, these people are extroverts and gravitate toward people who are honest and vocal with their views.

If you are a Gemini, this complete guide may have helped you discover the gem that can support your personal integrity, bring calmness to your life, and help you overcome all your fears. So, whether you are going through an emotional rollercoaster or experiencing a dip in your happiness, get a gemstone and make your life worth every challenge.

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