Sagittarius Birthstone

The Sagittarius Birthstone supports the Sagittarius star sign which takes the ninth position on the zodiac sign chart. Sagittarius Birthstones are associated with the fire element and resonate most with those born between November 23rd and December 21st. With Jupiter as their ruling planet, Sagittarians are known for their good humor and their honest, and fair-minded spirit.

What Is The Sagittarius Birthstone?

Luckily, there are many Sagittarius birthstones that work wonders for this star sign, however, the primary Sagittarius birthstone, Turquoise, is most closely associated with the fiery balls that are Sagittarians.

Turquoise is a unique and wonderful stone with fantastic healing properties. It is one of the best healing crystals that nurtures the soul and provides people with immense spiritual protection. Moreover, Turquoise helps people deal with issues such as restlessness and insomnia.

Another astounding Sagittarius birthstone is the Blue Topaz. Often recommended for Sagittarius women, this stone helps them to achieve success in their careers.

Citrine, Ruby, and Sapphire are also some of the best stones with wise meanings for Sagittarius women.

People with this zodiac sign can be pretty strong-headed, but they are charitable, compassionate, and giving. So, the right birthstone helps them achieve their goals and be financially strong to fulfill their wishes.

Characteristics of Sagittarius Individuals

Quick Facts

  • Element: Fire Sign
  • Birth Date: November 23 to December 21
  • Ruler: Jupiter
  • Respective Colors: Purple
  • Compatible Signs: Aries and Leo

Sagittarius Explained

If you are a Sagittarius, you may already know about your key traits. However, if that’s not the case, we are here to help.

Sagittarians are known for their good humor and their honest, and fair-minded spirit. They are usually known as individuals with many friends and are also an inspiration for people around them.

What’s more, people belonging to this sign are considered passionate with lots of energy within them. Moreover, they are straightforward and have strong psychic abilities, allowing them to succeed in their lives.

Since Jupiter rules them, these people tend to be optimistic. However, they are also quite curious; this trait helps them explore new things. Sagittarians are not fools but they are forgiving. They tend to maintain their distance as soon as they sense betrayal.

Sagittarians are known for their clear communication and for encouraging other people. This is why careers such as writing, teaching, and journalism suit them the best.

If you didn’t know already, Sagittarians are a lover of sports. As a result, they are great as parents when it comes to encouraging their kids to pursue games. And since they have an excellent sense of humor, Sagittarians often make their children laugh joyfully.

A Sagittarius will often be a well-rounded human with some good and bad habits. But as with any other living being on this planet, they demand emotional balance and good health. In that case, a Sagittarius birthstone can do wonders for them.

Colors Associated With Sagittarius Birthstones

Since Sagittarius has a positive and fiery energy, their personalities relate well with blue, purple, and transparent crystals.

Blue Crystals

Blue stones such as Turquoise and Blue Topaz work well with energy cleansing and helps to calm down a chaotic mind and soul. As a result, a Sagittarian feels healed and balanced during panicked situations.

Clear Crystals

Some hot-tempered Sagittarians may find it hard to communicate with gentleness and clarity. For them, transparent or see-through crystals make a huge, positive difference. And if the stone has a slight blue tint as well, the results are usually remarkable.

Purple Crystals

Purple crystals are linked to awareness and spirituality. These crystals help to move one’s soul and mind towards spirituality and openness.

Purple is often referred to as the color of abundance. This means it drives positive nature and luck while helping Sagittarians to broaden their horizons. Purple stones have a positive impact on the psychic and intuition of Sagittarians.

It is all about creating a perfect mix-and-match of stones and colors to bring balance and prosperity to one’s life.

Sagittarius Birthstone List

If you are an optimistic, beautiful, and big-hearted Sagittarian, the list below can help you find the most fantastic healing crystals. They can help you to spread your positive energy evenly and keep all the negative vibes at bay.

This ultimate guide to zodiac birthstones can be a significant part of your everyday life and can help strengthen your positive qualities. Most of these gemstones release solid vibrations that make them a joyful match for this fiery sign.


Turquoise is the November birthstone that helps all deep-thinking people think more positively. Sagittarius is often considered an optimistic and active sign. However, at times, Jupiter also expands the negative sides of the sign, which an excellent stone can conveniently deal with.

This crystal balances the fire energy perfectly and helps open the throat chakra for smooth communication and truth. The shimmering ocean-like stone represents a free flow of energy and promotes deep healing.

It balances all the emotions and helps the wearer explore their spiritual side. The stone also releases a harmonizing element, balancing both feminine and masculine energies.

Another distinct quality of this stone is that it helps you deal with restlessness and insomnia. If you are a Sagittarian dealing with a charged body, the cool blue hues of the stone can help you calm and experience clarity.

So, whether you need a crystal to help with public speaking or you want to communicate with new people with ease, try wearing this crystal and witness a smooth flow of words from your mouth.

Blue Topaz

This is a December Sagittarius birthstone known to develop traits such as strength, resilience, and generosity. In addition, this stone encourages wisdom, rational thinking, and honesty.

If you lack proper communication or often get into fights with your words, this Sagittarius stone enhances the sense of harmony and strength. It also supports the chakras by opening the throat chakra, ensuring that your communication remains thoughtful and soft.

Another excellent quality of this stone is that it nurtures relationships. Further, it attracts love and helps others understand Sagittarians with clarity.

Interestingly, this great gemstone has many healing properties. Blue Topaz is one of the top healing crystals that maintain your body’s hormonal and chemical balance. It also looks after your mental health by keeping you safe from all kinds of negative energies.

This Sagittarius birthstone balances the energy flow, protecting Sagittarius’s sensitive side and protecting them from any harmful and weak spiritual interferences.

Blue Topaz also works with the third eye chakra and helps Sagittarians harness a calming vibe and energy. You can replace this Topaz with Blue Sapphire, which provides similar benefits.

Blue Sapphire

This is one of the most precious stones in the collection of crystals associated with Sagittarius. This crystal is connected with the throat chakra and helps the wearer avoid miscommunication and conflict.

Additionally, this Sagittarius stone strongly connects with the third eye chakra. This is why it is believed that the stone can spiritually protect the wearer and bring good fortune.

The bearer also feels a release of tension and confusion after wearing the stone regularly. It combats anxiety and depression and provides lots of peace of mind.

Blue Sapphire has a lot of importance in many cultures. For instance, most people consider it the stone of justice, repentance, righteousness, and sincerity.


Found in Germany, Russia, Austria, the United States, and Norway, Beryl is a famous stone used in decorations and jewelry. Beryl is a calming mineral that is closely connected to the crown chakra.

This talisman birthstone has various purposes. For instance, this stone enhances social graces and personal charm. In addition, the pink and red versions of this crystal bring affection and love to the life of the wearer.

This stone has many fantastic healing properties. It enhances emotional and physical well-being. According to experts, this stone balances the nervous system and may even detoxify livers.

Beryl also helps Sagittarians get rid of their emotional baggage. It supports the wearer in gaining confidence and courage and also allows them to relax.


Amethyst helps people discover their spiritual space. Sagittarians are filled with spiritual potential, and when given a correct chance, they can develop psychic connections. This Sagittarius birthstone color is a dark purple which positively impacts the connection of people wearing it with the external higher powers.

The stone works very closely with the crown chakra that welcomes consciousness. So even if you aren’t too spiritual, this stone can calm and soothe your anxious thoughts and create peaceful dreams.

Additionally, Amethyst is a sweet reminder to all fast-moving Sagittarians to be still in their life and take a break from all the hustle.

Lapis Lazuli

This is a very commonly used Sagittarius birthstone. Lapis lazuli is a blue gem for the fiery Sagittarians that need determination and focus in their life.

Since the crystal opens the throat chakras, a Sagittarian can wear one to overcome their problems with smooth communication. If you own many birthstones, know that Lapis Lazuli can be a perfect addition.

This crystal has a unique royal vibe that can help the wearer manifest abundance and achieve their ambitious goals. Above all, Lapis Lazuli is a beautiful stone that looks pretty stunning in all types of jewelry pieces.


This stone is an ideal crystal for Sagittarius people for many reasons. First, Citrine supports the astrological sign in activating their energy and intensity toward their goals.

Citrine is also one of the most powerful healing crystals for your solar plexus chakra. You can add this orange stone to your birthstone collection and witness the boost of energy in other stones as well.

Citrine can also help you attain an emotional balance. The stone offers its wearer great support while they walk their spiritual path. Besides, it protects Sagittarians from all kinds of negative and overwhelming emotions.


Zircon is known for its transparency, and that’s why this stone is an excellent crystal for Sagittarians. The stone connects the energy between the crown and earth chakra and spreads wisdom and prosperity.

What’s more, the stone helps to instill lots of self-confidence. It also illuminates the wearer’s hidden strengths. Besides, Zircon builds solid and transparent communication and encourages virtue and honesty.

Zircon also supports the wearer in understanding and interpreting the meaning of things efficiently. The Sagittarius birthstone assists the user in building a strong eye connection and opening the heart chakra.


This Sagittarius birthstone may look like a fiery stone, but it exudes ripe energy and passion, ideal for a strong-headed Sagittarius. Ruby motivates Sagittarians to give their best and cross all limits, but at the same time, the stone helps the wearer to keep their goals realistic.

Another excellent quality of this stone is that it encourages confidence and zest. It also establishes spontaneity in one’s life and brings lots of joy.

Ruby opens the third eye chakra. It is a stone of love and power. Furthermore, it also stimulates strength, vitality, and courage.

How to Use Sagittarius Crystals And Stones

There are many ways to use Sagittarius birthstones. Some people like to wear them as jewelry, while others place them in their homes or offices for decoration. From wearing Sagittarius birthstone jewelry to keeping a piece of the crystal in your purse or pocket, there are many ways to enjoy the benefits of these stones.

Wear as Jewelry

Birthstone jewelry is the simplest way to ensure you are getting the benefits of your Sagittarius stone. You can find bracelets, necklaces, rings, and earrings made with various Sagittarius stones.

Place Around Your Home

Place the crystals around your house or office if you want to elevate your environment with the positive vibes of these birthstones. When these stones release their powerful vibrations, they change the way you think.

Hold During Meditation

When meditating, the birthstones can be your best accessories. Hold them in your hand during a meditation session to feel their utmost power.

Final Thoughts On Sagittarius Birthstones

If you belong to the Sagittarius sign, know that your fiery personality can become calm and composed with the help of a compatible stone. A Sagittarius birthstone, such as the Blue Topaz, has all the powers to bring peace and prosperity to the life of the user. In addition, since most birthstones are associated with the color blue, you might experience honesty and positivity around you.

That said, simply bringing a crystal home might not be strong enough to change your life. If you want to enjoy wealth and health, ensure to keep the stone energized and cleanse it regularly.

Other Birthstones

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