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Purple Crystals are full of healing powers that can help you become the best version of yourself. From physical to emotional and spiritual benefits, Purple Crystals are great tools in the world of healing crystals.

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Meaning of Purple Crystals

Purple is well-loved color because of its vibrant elegance, often associated with royalty and creativity. Similarly, purple crystals act as magnets for abundance and prosperity.

Purple Crystals possess intense spiritual energy that can help people become more self-aware and peaceful. Because purple is such a calming color, it makes sense that this stone would emit soothing energy. Just like the comforting scent of lavender, purple gemstones are a great tool for unwinding after a hard day.

Purple Crystals are also highly connected to the third eye chakra. Not only will they balance your third eye and crown chakra, but they will also instill strength in them. Purple crystals are also associated with healing properties and keeping negative energy at bay.

There are many shades of purple gemstones available to explore, from amethyst stones to agates. Each purple stone has unique properties that bring plenty of benefits.

So, if you want to add more creativity to your life, strengthen your third eye chakra, and surround yourself with positive radiance, give purple crystals a try! In this article, we’ll go through some of the best purple gemstones and the purple crystal meaning associated with each.

Benefits Of Purple Crystals

If you’ve been feeling disconnected from your spiritual self or overly stressed and drained from the demands of life, you might benefit from any of these beautiful purple stones.

Here are a few ways purple gems can improve your life.

Purple Crystals for Sleep

Purple stones are great for individuals that suffer from sleep-related disorders. Not only do they help you relax before bedtime, but they can also improve the quality of sleep you have. Another bonus of using purple gemstones is that they prevent bad dreams and nightmares.

With the help of purple crystals, you’ll feel more rested after a full night’s sleep. Try keeping a purple crystal such as purple amethyst under your pillow to promote restful sleep.

Furthermore, nighttime meditation with specific purple stones has been known to reduce nighttime anxiety, making it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep longer.

People with pituitary gland imbalances may find it hard to sleep due to stress levels. Luckily, purple stones are known to regulate the pituitary gland. This can help keep your endocrine system and hormones balanced.

Purple Crystals and Wealth

Another fantastic property of purple crystals is that they attract wealth into one’s life in several ways. Whether it’s by opening up opportunities for you or by strengthening your spiritual powers, they have a natural way of bringing abundance. They help with material wealth and bring abundance to your relationships too.

Dealing with difficulties in life can often cloud the brain with negative thoughts. This can lead to a lack of motivation and might blind you from your true purpose. Most purple gemstones help clear our minds of negative thoughts and make us more open to receiving.

They are also a mighty manifestation tool since they help unblock the third eye chakra. Once you feel more in tune with your spiritual side and body, you’ll find that it is pretty easy to manifest wealth.

Most importantly, purple crystals can keep your mind strong and give you the willpower to keep working hard. This can bring positive results and, of course, wealth along with it.

Purple Crystals for Healing The Third Eye Chakra

The third eye chakra is located right in the middle of the forehead, slightly above your eyebrows. Having a blocked third eye chakra can result in weakened intuition as well as poor vision. Since this chakra is associated with the color indigo, it’s no surprise that purple crystals can help unblock it.

Crystals like purple fluorite and amethyst are perfect for healing this chakra. An unbalanced third eye chakra can show itself in signs of poor memory, denial, or refusal to look at the big picture in life. If this sounds like you, perhaps you could benefit from crystals with purple colors.

Purple Crystals and Work

If you often find yourself losing creativity or the ability to focus on a task at hand, purple crystals can help you find your spark.

Purple crystals are the perfect stones for artistic individuals since they can get your creative juices flowing. Not only do purple gemstones refine your thoughts but they also help you use your imagination more effectively.

Whether you’re into painting or writing, using purple crystals will help you improve your craft.  For best results, keep one near your workspace to help with inspiration during your creative process.

Types Of Purple Crystals

Looking for the perfect purple crystals to invite creativity and peacefulness into your life? Here are some beautiful options to explore.

Purple Tourmaline

This light purple gemstone has powerful protective properties to help keep you safe during difficult times. Not only does it protect you from unsavory moments but also from toxic thoughts. So if you’re feeling stuck due to emotional trauma, this stone can help you release it.

Purple tourmaline is a restorative crystal that can replenish your energy after a hard week at work. Meditate with this crystal to attract good vibes if you feel drained after being around negative people. Purple tourmaline also births feelings of love inside the heart.

If you’re finding it hard to apologize to someone after an argument, purple tourmaline may help soften your heart and bring out feelings of empathy. These beautiful purple crystals are excellent for healers as well because of their calming energy. The best place to keep this stone is either at an altar or by the windowsill.

Purple Agate

This purple gem continues the theme of calming gemstones. Purple agate is a gem that embodies everything peaceful and soothing. It has a gorgeous marbled appearance and is excellent for expelling fear from one’s heart.

Purple agate has been used for centuries as a protective tool. It is also said to protect from natural disasters and can keep toxic vibes away. So if you’re a traveler, keeping a purple agate with you can keep you safe during your journey.

It’s also a handy purple stone for bad dreams since it repels negativity from your subconscious mind. Keep purple agate under your pillow for long and restful nights of sleep full of good dreams.

Purple agate, also known as grape agate, has been known to boost confidence in those who wear it. This can be beneficial for those who feel anxious when they have to give challenging presentations at work.

Purple Sapphire

Sapphires symbolize elegance, and they are royal stones loved by many. However, the purple variation has many additional healing properties along with its gorgeous dark purple hue.

Known for supporting a calm mind, purple sapphire decreases stress levels and lightens moods. If you’re feeling low and losing hope, try keeping a purple sapphire around. Not only will it bring you faith in life, but it will also liven up your mood.

Purple sapphire is also often used during spiritual healing since it can invoke spiritual awakening. It’s a durable stone that can bring a hidden strength inside you. If you tend to feel vulnerable, wearing this stone may help you feel braver.

Purple Jasper

If you find it hard to regulate your temper and often have outbursts of anger, Purple Jasper may be exactly what you need. This pale lavender stone may not have a shiny appearance, but it’s the ultimate stone for controlling mood swings.

Purple jasper can keep angry feelings under control and give you the opportunity to think before you react. It also promotes creative thinking and can help you focus on challenging tasks.

You can use this gem during study sessions to enhance your memory or to bring inner peace and serenity to turbulent thoughts. Place this stone on your forehead and the palms of your hand to unblock the crown chakra.

A blocked crown chakra can make it difficult to trust, weaken memory, and leave one feeling confused. With this purple gemstone, you can expand your mind and bring clarity.

Lavender Jade

This vivid lilac gemstone is lovely and is often used to release trauma trapped in the body. If you’re looking for a purple stone with massive healing energy, look no further than this one. It is convenient during stressful times and encourages a zen mindset.

Apart from its effects on stress, lavender jade can detox your body from harmful toxins. Use a jade roller made of this stone to purge impurities from your skin and give it an inner glow. You can also wear bracelets with this purple stone to protect yourself from negative energy.

If you struggle to connect with your inner child, lavender jade can help clear up emotional blockages. It can help you truly understand what your heart needs and gives you the strength to accomplish your goals.

Lavender jade has also been used as a tool for dream interpretation. Sleep with it nearby for magical dreams every night.


Perhaps the most popular purple gemstone, amethyst crystals have many emotional and physical benefits, including their positive effect on the digestive system, soothing tummy aches, and promoting good digestion.

The amethyst stone is a very versatile stone that is a good pick for beginners. You can use it to feel more energized and focused or even to heal a migraine.

This stone can be worn daily, but you must take good care of it to prevent cracking. Make sure to take it off before swimming because chlorine can seriously damage its healing abilities.

Purple Kunzite

Purple Kunzite is the stone of joy and it can bring happiness into your life. It encourages positive communication between couples and can be used to dissolve arguments. In addition, this purple gemstone has a calming power that is perfect for people with avoidant attachment styles.

It opens your heart to love and helps you better understand your partner. Purple Kunzite can also remove the fear of love and abandonment from your heart. This purple stone is known to cure heartache as well.

You can use purple Kunzite on your heart chakra if you have low self-esteem. Like rose quartz, this stone can make you fall in love with yourself. Once you love yourself more, you’ll find it easier to attract healthy love from a partner.

An excellent way to use this purple gemstone is by keeping it on the lip of your bathtub while enjoying a warm bath.

Purple Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s eyes are known for their magical appearance and ample benefits. The purple variation can bring bravery from the heart and clear up any mental blockages you may have. It’s a rare purple crystal, excellent for ambitious people who want to achieve their goals without delay.

Although rare, the purple tiger’s eye is the ultimate stone for building inner strength. It is a protective stone that creates a shield around the wearer, keeping them safe. Yet, at the same time, it can build empathy inside your heart, allowing you to become more understanding.

This stone can also be used to open up your sacral chakra. If you are experiencing low libido, lacking creativity, or feeling detached, chances are that your sacral chakra might be blocked. Meditate while lying down and place this stone a few inches below your belly button.

Imagine an orange light shining in that area for the best results. Once your sacral chakra is balanced, you’ll feel more comfortable in your body.

Lavender Fluorite

This light purple stone is known to keep negative energies away. Primarily used as a spiritual practice stone, it can connect you with your higher self. These highly regarded stones are rare and can strengthen your intuitive abilities.

They also have high vibrations that are great for calming down after heated situations. Lavender fluorite is a transformative stone that can turn toxicity into positivity. Wearing this stone can bring more luck into your life if negative influences surround you.

When it comes to purple stones, this one is best in tumbled form. The smooth texture is nice to hold and it looks beautiful on an altar. You can also find lavender fluorite in crystal points of all sizes. Place these around your home or keep them in your pocket for a boost of positive energy on the go.


Next on our list is this purple and blue gemstone, Tanzanite, which has many physical healing properties. This stone detoxifies your body from any negative energy and works as a guide when you need calming energy around you.

You can also use this dark purple crystal to release blockages from your crown chakra. Use this stone if you feel dissociated from your conscious mind and need more spiritual awareness in your life. With a balanced crown chakra, you’ll be more aware, and your thoughts will flow freely.

Another way in which tanzanite helps with spiritual growth is by healing the throat chakra. It can help you speak your truth and be more vocal about the things you want. Overall, tanzanite is a powerful spiritual stone that can be used for healing.

It is also a luck magnet and has been used for centuries to bring prosperity into homes.


Even though this is one of the lesser-known purple stones, its brilliant aura is potent. Charoite helps one become more confident and assertive, perfect for fast-paced workplaces. Try wearing this stone if you feel like you’re not being heard or want to make more of an impact.

Looking for purple crystals that make your heart feel lighter? Charoite is a good option since it keeps your heart chakra balanced. Therefore, it can uplift you and make you more appreciative of yourself and others. This stone also looks terrific in jewelry due to its deep purple color.

While other purple crystals may be physically protective, this stone keeps your energy safe. It will block out any energy vampires and prevent you from feeling drained. In addition, if there is any unfavorable energy around you, this stone will work hard to keep it away from you.

Charoite is a durable stone, so you can easily make earrings or even rings out of it.


Last on our list of purple crystals is sugilite, another stone used for stress relief. If you’re someone that experiences mood swings or clouded judgment, this is a good pick for you. Sugilite is known to help its wearer think more clearly and make rational decisions.

Known for its ability to remove negativity from the heart and make you feel at peace, this makes an excellent stone for meditative purposes.

You can pair sugilite with purple fluorite for an extra calming mix. Like most purple crystals, sugilite can help break trauma bonds or unhealthy relationships. In addition, it makes you feel brave enough to walk away from things that aren’t serving you anymore.

Sugilite also helps to relieve trauma and cleanse you of any bad memories. It is the ultimate purple crystal for emotional healing.

How Should You Use Your Purple Gemstones?

There are plenty of ways to use your purple crystals, but the most popular way is to wear them in jewelry form.

Wearing purple crystals as jewelry is not only beautiful but also ensures that you’ll be protected wherever you go. The most popular form of jewelry for purple crystals is in the form of a necklace so that the crystal remains close to your heart and head.

You can also use them for crystal healing rituals to improve your quality of life. Keep purple crystals at your desk or home office to feel motivated during work hours. Lastly, keeping purple gemstones under your pillow is beneficial for promoting restful sleep.

How To Combine Purple Crystals

Most purple crystals have healing and calming energy, and you can combine them for a much stronger effect. For example, you can mix a clear quartz crystal with amethyst or purple fluorite since they amplify each other’s energy. These purple gems look amazing in bracelets and can also be used to make an elegant engagement ring.

If you want a combination of purple gems that promotes self-love, try mixing purple Kunzite with rose quartz. This mix can bring unconditional love into your life and make you feel better about yourself. Meditate with these crystals in each hand during self-care rituals to boost self-confidence.

Since purple gems have calming energies, avoid pairing them with crystals known to increase energy levels. Using such stones together may weaken each other’s benefits.

Final Takeaway on Purple Crystals

Purple is the color of serene energy, so there’s no surprise that purple gems tend to have soothing and transformative effects. If you want to make positive changes to your life and improve your mental state, give purple gems a try. You can use them to bring balance into your life and free up any internal blockages.

Whether you wear them in jewelry form or keep them nearby, purple gems look stunning. Even in raw form, they look exquisite and breathtaking. Plus, if you keep a purple crystal in your home, it will absorb any negativity from your space.

So if you’re ready to make positive changes, try these powerful purple stones!

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