Aries Birthstone

The Aries Birthstone supports the Aries star sign which takes the first position on the zodiac sign chart. Aries Birthstones are associated with the fire element and resonate most with those born between March 21st and April 19th. An Aries is usually bold and ambitious, welcoming challenges with open arms and never hesitating to deal with life’s hardships.

What Is The Aries Birthstone?

The Diamond is the primary birthstone for Aries, though there are many others associated with the Aries sign. All Aries birthstones bring good fortune while nurturing and supporting the lively nature of Aries people. They bring stability while simultaneously offering calmness to the wearer’s energetic personality.

A favorite Aries birthstone is of course the Diamond. It protects feisty Aries from getting into trouble and keeps negative energy at bay.

Other Aries gemstones include Jasper, Topaz, and Bloodstone. Jasper ensures the wearer remains grounded, while Topaz is a powerful zodiac birthstone that keeps the body charged with positive energy. Furthermore, Bloodstone is known to be a fantastic blood cleanser. Most of the Aries birthstones are healing crystals, and that’s quite a remarkable quality.

One of the best things about Aries birthstones is that they increase and heighten the positive traits of the wearer. This helps them discover themselves in a better way and escape situations that might be harmful.

Characteristics of Aries Individuals

Quick Facts

  • Element: Fire
  • Birth Date: March 21 to April 19
  • Ruling Planet: Mars
  • Respective Colors: Orange, Yellow, and Red
  • Compatible Signs: Leo and Sagittarius

Aries Explained

Aries individuals are good at balancing both positive and negative energies and are typically considered to be motivated, passionate, and confident leaders. These people don’t shy away from building communities and have a relentless and cheerful determination.

Since Aries is a cardinal sign, they are known to turn the entire wheel of zodiac signs. As such, Aries people often feel frustrated when processes are drawn out and prefer situations that give them quick outcomes.

This astrological sign considers themselves singular spirits, which means they believe in themselves almost to a fault and take the “every person for themselves” ideology seriously. Many people consider this self-determination quite inspiring. However, they sometimes become selfish and end up harming people around them.

Aries tend to think more about themselves than others at times and unfortunately, this trait can create a gap between them and the people around them.

Aries is ruled by Mars, a red planet with a fiery nature. According to the planet’s nature, Aries is always ready to battle and prefers staying armed. These people also have an explosive nature, and it is always best to avoid aggressive Aries until they can calm down.

That said, when Aries are calm and focused, they are the best people on this planet. They believe in living their lives to the fullest while maintaining positivity and playful nature.

Colors Associated With Aries Birthstones

The primary color of an Aries stone is red despite the primary birthstone being a translucent diamond. The color red reflects their passionate and energetic natures. However, some other colors, such as purple, blue and yellow, work great as well. Each of these shades represents the delightful and versatile traits of the Aries.

Interestingly, according to experts, Aries should avoid all black stones. This is because this color fails to harmonize with other stones and may represent Saturn, the enemy of Aries.

In addition, Aries wearers should avoid pink and white stones. These colors tend to dim the creative and independent nature of these individuals.

Aries Birthstone List

Whether you are a homemaker, a businessperson, or a student, as long as you are Aries and proudly own the traits of this sign, the zodiac birthstones below will help you succeed in life. By simply wearing Aries stones, you can discover your adventurous and courageous aspects while identifying your warrior within.


If you’ve ever thought about exploring the magical powers of a Diamond, now is the time. A Diamond is a perfect crystal for an Aries who wants to be their best self.

Diamonds are often associated with characteristics such as physical vitality, inner strength, a healthy lifestyle, and vital energy. This crystal also enhances relationships and fills life with abundance, clarity, and balance.

Diamond is also one of the best healing crystals. It heals problems related to the brain and pituitary glands. Many years ago, this amazing stone was also used to draw out different toxins from the body and was an effective remedy for poison.

As an April birthstone, Diamonds exude radiance. They’re known to be a lucky stone for many and are famous for their durability. This crystal helps the reckless and wild Aries live a balanced life.

Blue Topaz

Blue Topaz is one of the many gemstones that resonates well with different star signs. Since this stone is closely related to the throat chakra, it helps people communicate clearly.

This crystal has a lovely energy that calms a fiery and angry Aries within minutes. In addition, Blue Topaz activates emotional healing and balancing by releasing soothing vibrations.

If blue isn’t your color, you can also go for a Golden Topaz. This option helps during the manifesting process and cancels all degrees of self-doubt.

Besides, a Golden Topaz makes a perfect addition to your collection of stones and makes for a beautiful Aries birthstone jewelry piece.

Red Jasper

Aries often struggle when it comes to thinking before acting. They believe in making quick decisions without evaluating the outcomes in detail. Jasper is often the most recommended to overcome this problem.

This stone works quite close to the root chakra and helps in grounding the energy of the wearer. Further, the stone provides excellent support during manifestation. Aries can be very restless at times. In this case, Red Jasper ensures the wearer experiences balance and tranquility and stays on the right track.

This Aries birthstone also has a few fantastic healing properties. For instance, it supports the stamina of the Aries sign, ensures strong blood circulation, and balances all types of sexual energies. Red Jasper is also a protective crystal that guards the wearer against all evils. This is why it was one of the favorite stones of warriors.

When it comes to the wearer’s mental health, this crystal doesn’t disappoint. It eliminates numbness and fine-tunes strength and focus.


Aquamarine means emotional clarity, which Aries mostly require when they have angry outbursts. This March Aries birthstone is popular for its cooling hues and ensures a smooth flow of thoughts and actions.

This stone also supports the zodiac sign in strengthening their communication while promoting words of truth. Moreover, it is an effective healing tool close to the throat chakra. Aquamarine has been believed to soothe sore throats and heal any thyroid imbalances.

Also, when worn correctly, the greenish-blue crystal boosts the immune system, keeps allergies under control, and balances hormones.

Aquamarine highlights Aries’ positive traits and polishes them with time. As a result, it increases intuition, helps people become wiser, and channels their intense energy in a much-needed way.


Purple is an Aries birthstone color because of Amethyst. This Aries birthstone is semi-precious with a glassy or vitreous luster. Amethyst stands for calmness, wisdom, and spiritual healing, and that’s why it works wonders for the Aries zodiac sign.

This powerful stone appreciates the passionate nature of Aries but helps the wearer to explore some calmness and bliss and connect with the higher powers.

What’s more, Amethyst has many healing attributes. The stone encourages better sleep while helping to clear the mind from all the chaos and boosting overall immunity. Besides physical benefits, Amethyst also helps heal mental issues by sweeping away all negative energies.

If you always want to keep your third eye chakra and crown chakra inflow, wear Amethyst as a piece of jewelry. Amethyst bracelets are beautiful and add a great charm to your Aries birthstone collection.


This bright green stone with red markings is a one-of-a-kind Aries birthstone. The crystal features opaque transparency and stands for vitality and positivity.

Bloodstone supports the zodiac sign in many ways. It brings strength to Aries’s life and it is often used doing the process of childbirth. Since the crystal is about enhancing resilience, strength, and courage, Bloodstone helps people overcome their struggles and stand up for themselves.

Bloodstone is also an excellent mood stabilizer. Being closely connected to the root chakra, this crystal helps strengthen relationships. It also works closely with the heart chakra, assisting the wearer in showcasing their positive characteristics.

This beautiful crystal also improves the bearer’s well-being and builds mental clarity.


Jade is an excellent stone that builds acceptance, health, and confidence. This Aries birthstone assists in improving sexual health by increasing libido and building deeper relationships.

In addition, Jade works as a fantastic stone in nudging out negativity from the mind and soul of the wearer. It also raises self-esteem, enhances confidence, and keeps the soul nourished.

Jade is very close to the heart chakra and is known to spread immense joy. It also helps the wearer to be involved in self-love and appreciate their top qualities.


The common color of this birthstone is green, but you can also find Aventurine in red, orange, brown, and gray. Aventurine means confidence and prosperity, and so it helps different zodiac signs to believe in themselves.

This stone has been believed to regulate blood pressure, increases life energy, and protect the thymus glands. It also brings lots of wealth, abundance, positivity, and success in the wearer’s life. It encourages the wearer to take decisive actions.

Since Aventurine is close to the heart chakra, it helps clear up all the blockages and lets the heart let go of all the negative energies. It also supports the wearer in overcoming and canceling old habits and patterns.


Ruby stands for fortune and protection. This crystal is very close to the lower and root chakras and helps all zodiac signs stay grounded.

Ruby is known to have a rare energy that symbolizes the sun. The stone is believed to connect power with love and bring lots of prosperity to the bearer’s life.

Another excellent quality of this beautiful stone is that it heals the muscles and heart. In addition, it encourages a smooth circulation of blood and minimizes menstrual pain.

Ruby balances all degrees of sensitivities. This stone has radiant energy that releases one’s soul from all destructive patterns.

How To Use Aries Birthstones

There are so many different ways to welcome Aries birthstones in your life.

Wear As Jewelry

Aries birthstones can become a significant and beautiful part of your jewelry collection. When worn near the skin, these stones exude positive energies that flow through your body and provide the necessary strength to your body, soul, and mind.

Place Around Your Home

You can also place these crystals in your home and office. If you want to keep these birthstones in your house, go for both intense and less intense stones so that you can get your required energy balanced.

When in the office, the best place to keep the stone is on your desk. If that’s not possible, either set them up in a cabinet or place them near your window. However, ensure to keep them safe from direct sunlight and heat.

Use In Meditation

If you meditate regularly, holding a few stones while you breathe can make a huge difference. For example, Aquamarine can help you let things go while you meditate and the crystal will actually absorb these unwanted energies.

Similarly, Amethysts is also an excellent crystal for Aries who like meditating.

How to Cleanse Aries Birthstones

Cleansing your crystals is extremely important when using them for crystal healing. Healing crystals should be kept in top-notch condition to work their best. Birthstones have the ability to absorb all negative energies, therefore, they require frequent cleansing to recharge.

Cleansing in this case means freeing your stones from all the negativity and recharging them for future meditating sessions.

The easiest and the best method to cleanse your birthstones is to soak them in room temperature water for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, take your stones out and gently pat them dry.

You can also put your stones under direct moonlight or sunlight to let all the negative energy escape or place them with a few Rose Quartz stones. Quartz naturally has the power to absorb negative energies from other crystals.

Final Thoughts on Aries Birthstones

If you are an Aries, we hope the above guide helped you explore your key traits and the birthstones that might help you heal and get rid of your vigorous nature.

Remember, whichever crystal you choose, wear it properly, so it works its magic. Besides, cleanse it properly to help maintains its positivity.

Besides, wear or hold them with a positive intention in your heart and mind so they work according to your wishes. A competent crystal can change your life, therefore value it more than your other belongings.

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