Yellow Crystals

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Yellow Crystals bring happiness, sunshine, positive energy, and enthusiasm to those who hold them. In fact, Yellow Crystals have been used for centuries to stimulate the senses and bring forth mental clarity while sharpening decision-making skills.

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Yellow Crystal Meaning

The color yellow is often associated with mental clarity, positive energy, and happiness. Yellow Crystals bring all of these qualities to those who wear them. They act as a bright light to guide you through hardships and challenging situations. They will also strengthen your willpower, and you will start trusting yourself instead of looking for validation from others.

Yellow crystals have been known to boost leadership skills by strengthening creativity, self-confidence, and a feeling of self-worth. They will provide you with the emotional balance needed to fight stress and anxiety, and control mood swings.

If you want to fill your life with happiness, excitement, and enthusiasm, yellow crystals are exactly what you need. This boost of happiness and enthusiasm will strengthen your relationships and by the law of attraction, reward you with positive experiences.

Ruled by the planet Jupiter and associated with the solar plexus chakra, yellow crystals are a source of wealth, prosperity, good luck, and good health. In short, these powerful stones can help you identify your most tremendous potential.

The world is full of different yellow crystals with their own powers and benefits. This post will cover everything essential about yellow crystals; types, benefits, uses, and much more! Keep reading to see which yellow crystal resonates most with you.

Uses and Benefits of Yellow Crystals

Everyone needs happiness, optimism, and brightness in their lives. These things make life worth living and help you achieve professional and personal success. Fortunately, yellow crystals check all the boxes!

Here is a complete list of uses and benefits that yellow crystals provide.

Yellow Crystals for Health and Healing

Yellow crystals are incredibly beneficial for physical and emotional healing. Since they provide loads of positive energy, yellow crystals can help you deal with chronic fatigue, laziness, muscle problems, depression, and anxiety. They will spread a bright light throughout your soul, encouraging you to forget about worry and expectations.

Yellow stones are also known for keeping your skin fresh and glowing. Some believe they have the ability to purify your bloodstream to avoid skin conditions.

Yellow Crystals for Healing The Chakras

Yellow Crystals support the root chakra, solar plexus chakras, and sacral chakra. The root chakras are extremely important for human beings to feel confident, strong, and stable. They keep individuals grounded during difficult times.

The solar plexus chakra and the sacral chakra, on the other hand, increase personal power, creativity, and self-confidence.

Wearing or meditating with a yellow crystal can clear these chakras while preventing them from becoming blocked in the future. Moreover, the clearance of these chakras will spark your artistic capabilities and confidence to live a peaceful and prosperous life.

Yellow Crystals for Love & Relationships

If you are unlucky in love and relationships, yellow crystals might become your knight in shining armor. These bright yellow crystals will brighten your personality thereby making you more attractive. As a result, people will always feel a positive energy and vibe being with you.

These crystals help you forget about shyness and openly express your feelings. So if you like someone and are afraid to tell them, yellow crystals will give you a kick!

They also allow you to be more open and expressive with your loved ones instead of bottling up your feelings. Sometimes, not communicating correctly can cause severe harm to relationships.

Not only this, but yellow crystals can also help neutralize anger. They allow you to handle situations and conversations with a calm and open mind. Also, since these crystals connect to the solar plexus chakra, it makes you comfortable with intimacy and your sexuality.

Yellow Crystals and Wealth

Yellow gemstones and crystals provide you with the energy and motivation to crush your goals, leading to success and wealth. They’re great for attracting abundance and prosperity and are excellent aids in manifestation exercises.

Yellow crystals will push you to thrive and excel in all areas of work and life, helping you to achieve your goals. Their energizing vibrational energies fuel your confidence and willpower while attracting good luck and fortune.

Since yellow crystals boost creativity, they are the best companion when starting a new business venture. They will help you to think of more ideas, leading to more success.

Different Types of Yellow Gemstones

There are plenty of yellow gemstones available to help you shine bright with happiness and prosperity. Keep in mind though that each gemstone has its own individual properties and benefits. Read our guide below to find the one that resonates most with your unique needs.

Yellow Sapphire

Also known as the Pukhraj stone, Yellow Sapphire is an alluring crystal that brings happiness, prosperity, and wisdom while symbolizing power, grace, and love. This yellow crystal has a strong connection with the solar plexus chakra to give you a boost of excitement, joy, and enthusiasm.

Yellow Sapphires are commonly available in Australia, Madagascar, Thailand, and Tanzania and are a perfect substitute for yellow diamonds. They bring wealth, success, and intellect to your life.

Wearing a Yellow Sapphire gemstone can stimulate the brain and encourage you to think of creative and successful ideas. Plus, it encourages you to explore more options instead of settling on one.

Moreover, yellow sapphires help you accept things as they are and not lose heart on minor inconveniences. You can even pair your Yellow Sapphire with Rose Quartz for incredible manifestation and spiritual healing.

Yellow Topaz

Yellow Topaz is a gleaming and stunning stone that is known to calm your mind. Also known as golden topaz, this yellow crystal helps you live your best life by giving you the utmost happiness and joy. These stones are mined in Brazil, Australia, Russia, Africa, and Ukraine.

A Yellow Topaz eliminates all the negative energy from the wearer’s life and replaces it with peace. It helps in relieving the symptoms of extreme stress, depression, and anxiety. Wearing this yellow crystal also increases your focus and concentration to work hard to achieve your goals.

Moreover, Yellow Topaz is one of the luckiest birthstones for people looking for professional success. It helps you to convert your ideas into fruitful outcomes that bring prosperity and wealth.

Apart from the solar plexus and sacral chakra, this stone also connects to the crown, throat, and third-eye chakra. It can relieve kidney, throat, and stomach conditions with its incredible healing properties.

Yellow Quartz

Yellow Quartz crystals are commonly available in Brazil, China, Russia, and Japan. The charming spark of these yellow crystals fills your life with motivation and abundance. Their energetic vibrations give a boost of positive energy to overcome every hurdle that comes your way.

Yellow Quartz contains powerful healing powers that help with inflammation and strengthen the immune system. It can also improve metabolism and clears the digestive system. Besides its physical healing properties, it also boosts your creativity, willpower, and self-confidence.

This yellow gemstone also uplifts your soul and keeps mood swings in check. It can change your personality from miserable to happy within seconds. If you are having trouble deciding on something, this stone will guide you!

Because of its diamond-like appearance, Yellow Quartz is the most common option for gifts and engagement rings.

Yellow Tourmaline

Also known as the golden yolk gem, Yellow Tourmaline will help you fight all the difficulties in life with divine grace. Besides boosting your confidence and willpower, this yellow crystal also balances your mood swings and stress levels.

The healing powers of Yellow Tourmaline help you fight severe depression and anxiety. It can also help relieve headaches, bone aches, and menstruation pain. This stone is also beneficial for achieving mental clarity when unsure about life.

Wearing a Yellow Tourmaline crystal allows you to kiss negative vibes goodbye. Most importantly, it attracts harmony and love.

This yellow crystal invites good luck and charm, which is why most athletes wear it. You can also wear the stone with a Green Tourmaline to magnify its powers.

Yellow Jade

Yellow Jade crystals are scarce and only available in a few countries like Alaska, Myanmar, China, and Japan. These bright gemstones represent hope, prosperity, and peace. They remove all the toxicity from your life and replace it with positivity and happiness!

Yellow Jade is well-known for bringing abundance and wealth by improving the wearer’s wisdom and intellect. This stone ensures that all your goals and dreams come true! It will make your self-confidence your most powerful tool.

Yellow Jade also helps you to process your emotions and stay calm during hard times. It boosts your creativity and works as the perfect good luck charm!

Yellow Aventurine

The heart-shaped Yellow Aventurine with stunning golden hues is most widely available in Brazil and India. This powerful stone is the best source to achieve positivity, emotional balance, and opportunities for success. Its golden rays will fill your life with extreme joy!

Yellow Aventurine boosts your confidence and gives you the courage to kick your fears while embracing your true self. This stone helps you take the lead instead of hiding behind people. Also, when paired with Smoky Quartz, these gemstones unleash an especially powerful energy flow.

This yellow crystal is also able to heal many illnesses like depression, blood pressure imbalances, and digestive issues. It can clear all the toxins from your body while providing a state of tranquility.

Yellow Jasper

The Yellow Jasper crystal is mined in Africa, India, Madagascar, Brazil, South Africa, and the US. It has beautiful yellow and mustard hues with striped patterns. This stone boosts confidence, self-esteem, and intellect while sharpening the brain and helping to focus while learning new things.

Yellow Jasper is a prosperity charm for people looking for new companionships, lovers, and relationships. It makes your personality charming and attractive, especially important when aiming to nurture relationships. This stone is the best travel companion because of its protective powers.

Yellow Agate

The Yellow Agate crystal is available in Brazil, Myanmar, Mexico, and Argentina, with a magical appearance and beautiful colors. This powerful stone connects to all lower chakras while energizing the body for all future challenges.

This stone also detoxifies the body, boosts self-esteem, and balances the fire element in your body. It can help overcome fears and accept every opportunity that presents itself in life.

Yellow Agate also eliminates away anxiety, boosts the metabolism, and helps with insomnia. Place this stone under your pillow and sleep like a baby all night! Plus, it will also help you manage your anger levels and balance your mood swings.


Citrine means lemon in French, and this stone looks exactly like one! The citrine crystal is available in Madagascar, Russia, and the US with yellow and orange hues and an exquisite appearance. This stone removes negativity from wearers’ minds while enhancing confidence and clarity.

Also known as the success stone, Citrine helps manifest dreams and attract prosperity and wealth. The stone can also cleanse your mind and body from envy and bad vibes while sharpening decision-making skills.

Citrine can brilliantly activate creativity and imagination. This is the main reason why most artists and writers keep this stone nearby. Plus, it can bring joy and a smile even on the saddest of days.

Yellow Garnet

Yellow Garnets are available in Africa with orange and greenish hues. These yellow crystals connect to the root and solar plexus chakra while detoxifying the bloodstream and keeping the heart healthy. They are also beneficial for lung diseases and spine injuries.

These yellow crystals can help reduce depression, anxiety, and insomnia symptoms. They’re known for bringing calm energy and confidence to those who possess them.

Yellow Garnet can also boost the healing powers of other crystals. They make you strong, wise, and enthusiastic enough to achieve all your goals!

How Should You Use Yellow Crystals?

Whether you are looking for happiness, confidence, love, or a new spark between you and your lover, yellow crystals should be your go-to!

Wear As Jewelry

The best way to absorb the healing power of crystals is to keep them close to your skin. For this reason, wearing gemstone jewelry is the most effective form of use.

Since ancient times, people have worn gemstone jewelry to keep negative energies and emotions at bay. You can use yellow gemstones in necklaces, pendants, bracelets, rings, and even earrings to bring happiness and positivity.

Keep Them Nearby

If you are not a fan of gemstone jewelry, keep the crystals somewhere close to you. For example, you can put them in your purse, wallet, or pocket so they will be with you wherever you go. You can also put yellow crystals under your pillow to enjoy a sound and peaceful sleep without nightmares.

Use In Meditation

Another way of incorporating yellow crystals into your life is meditation. While meditating, you can place yellow stones in your hands or on the yoga mat to energize your sessions. From crystal grids to reiki sessions, yellow gemstones are great tools in any spiritual practice.

Feng Shui

You can also try the Feng Shui method to enjoy the healing powers of yellow crystals. In this method, you dot the yellow gemstones in every corner of your home or office. This method also brings more energy and positive vibrations into your home.

How to Combine Yellow Crystals With Other Stones

You can also combine yellow crystals with other gemstones to enjoy multiple benefits and strengthen your personal power. For example, you can combine them with other light yellow crystals or orange stones for ultimate positive energy flow.

The best examples are Lemon Quartz, Citrine, Imperial Topaz, Honey Calcite, Yellow Fluorite, and Amber. Combining your yellow crystals with these sunny crystals will help in manifestation and gaining confidence as well.

To sharpen your creativity, you can pair your yellow stone with Orange Calcite, Golden Labradorite, or Zincite. To connect to your spiritual side, combine yellow crystals with Scolecite, Zircon, Danburite, or Petalite.

Final Takeaway on Yellow Crystals

Yellow crystals are the key to joy, happiness, optimism, and wealth. These crystals are best to attract prosperity and maintain relationships in life.

There are different types of yellow crystals, each with its own uses and benefits. You can incorporate these crystals into your life using gemstone jewelry or meditation. Moreover, you can combine yellow crystals with other stones for additional benefits and healing.

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