Libra Birthstone

Libra Birthstones support the Libra sign which takes the seventh position on the zodiac sign chart. Libras Birthstones are designated to those who are born between September 23rd and October 22nd. Ruled by Venus, Libras have well-balanced personalities and are loved for being beautiful and charming. 

What Is The Libra Birthstone?

Opal is the primary birthstone of Libras. This pale white crystal is known to bring wealth and power to one’s life. However, there are many other stones that benefit the Libra star sign just as well like Aquamarine, Rose Quartz, Lapis Lazuli, and Bloodstone.

A Libra birthstone can help Libras attain balance in their lives. Since these people love maintaining peace around them, the perfect crystals help them to achieve that effortlessly.

Opal exudes vitality, endurance, and positivity. It is known to increase one’s power and contribute towards a better fortune.

A popular secondary birthstone is Aquamarine. This crystal helps Libras to be tolerant in life and value the point of view of others. Similarly, Peridot helps Libras eliminate all kinds of judgmental thoughts from their mind.

These precious stones are beautiful and positively influence the Libra zodiac sign. But it is essential that the wearer believes in their powers and wears them correctly.

Characteristics of Libra Individuals

Quick Facts

  • Element: Air Sign
  • Birth Date: 23 September to 22 October
  • Ruler: Venus
  • Respective Colors: Pink and blue
  • Compatible Signs: Gemini, Aquarius, and Leo

Libras Explained

Libras are known for their key traits of being passionate and honest personalities. They are very organized individuals and are known to make things aesthetically and orderly pleasing. Libras are also indulgent, generous, and crave balance.

These people don’t mind compromising as long as their compromise leads to overall peace around them. Libras make great partners, leaders, and friends as they don’t hold back from applying their amazing traits in their professional and personal lives.

One of the most impressive characteristics of a Libra person is that they always find the bright side in any situation. They have great intentions and only look for the best in people.

Libras love to have love around them and they thrive in long-term relationships. Other than being loving and caring, Libras are also very clever. Libras can maintain a conversation, have a strong imagination, and are always thinking on their feet.

While Libras are well-rounded, they do, at times, have indecisive moments. Since they aim to please, they can often find themselves in difficult situations.

Any negative traits found in Libras can easily be resolved with the correct birthstone. A libra birthstone can help people appreciate the good in life and be less judgmental.

Colors Associated With Libra Birthstones

Since there are multiple crystals associated with the Libra sign, you will notice many colors related to this star sign.

For instance, Opal is a milky white crystal featuring sparkling threads that run throughout. This stone looks great in earrings and pendants and can also be used in rings. So, if you are a Libra, wear jewelry featuring this stone for all the positivity in your life.

Aquamarine is a bluish-green crystal that exudes calming energy. The stone features many patterns that look mesmerizing, to say the least.

Another color associated with a Libra birthstone is an emerald. Peridot features this color that makes the stone glow with light. Libras are also associated with the color pink from the stone Rose Quartz.

It is safe to say that as a Libra, you have a choice to wear stones in many colors. However, the color of a stone should be one of many reasons to get it. Each crystal has a benefit to offer, so ensure you get one that meets your personality requirements.

Libra Birthstone List

Are you looking for the right Libra zodiac birthstone for yourself or a loved one? In that case, dig into this list to explore some of the best Libra birthstones and what they offer.


Opal is one of the most stunning crystals available for Libras worldwide. While it is available in many colors, the milky white stone is ideal for this star sign. Opal has many healing properties and it can help you heal physically and emotionally.

As one of the best healing crystals, it can help regulate emotions, helping you find composure and peace. Additionally, the pink Opal can help heal your heart chakra, bringing kindness and love into your heart.

Opal is also available in a yellow crystal form. This version of opal is beneficial for maintaining the solar plexus chakra and ridding the mind of anxiety and depressive thoughts.

Overall, Opal brings good fortune and creates a balance in life, and provides excellent protection against negative energy. According to a few astrologists, Libra men should wear this October birthstone regularly as it brings positivity and hope.


You may recognize Peridot from its beautiful emerald color. However, this stone is more than just its beauty. The Libra birthstone Peridot has strong healing powers.

Astrologists recommend this stone to Libras to help them find their inner peace and balance. It brings a sense of calm and peace to the wearer’s life. Additionally, the stone allows you to recenter your emotions when your surroundings feel toxic or out of control.

If you belong to the seventh sign, know that Peridot can help strengthen your personal relationships any day. When worn on the chest, the stone opens the heart chakra and helps a Libra see the bright side of any situation.


There are so many benefits to going with the flow. It helps reduce anxiety levels and allows you to appreciate the present and worry less about the future.

If you are a Libra struggling with the ability to go with the flow, Aquamarine might be the best Libra birthstone for you. This stone helps Libras become adaptable and accept opportunities and challenges as they come. This crystal also encourages the star sign to explore its inner strength and exude positive energies.

Aquamarine can give you the courage to let people and things go and wait for something more special. This crystal is particularly good for maintaining your friendship with good people and bringing harmony to your life.

This crystal is also believed to strengthen the throat chakra, allowing you to be confident while speaking your mind. This good stone wards off the negative energies in your life and helps you embrace your balancing nature.

Rose Quartz

This may not be the main birthstone for Libras, but Rose Quartz is truly a stone that can make a difference. The crystal belongs to the quartz crystal family and has many benefits.

For instance, it exudes positive energy, opens the heart chakra, and spreads light and love around it. It also encourages the wearer to satisfy their own needs and love themselves for who they are.

This Libra birthstone color is unique and refreshing. Other than the pink stone, Clear Quartz also has a role to play. It helps diminish any kind of negative energy and keeps Libras safe from all kinds of uncertainty and vulnerability.


Known to open the sacral chakra, Citrine is a beautiful Libra birthstone with many benefits. It promotes luck and good fortune and helps the zodiac sign discover self-confidence and embrace a positive outlook.

Citrine is one of the best healing stones as it encourages the wearer to look after their mental and physical health. This strong stone has an orange color that shines under bright natural light.

This crystal brings lots of joy in the life of Libras and helps them make quick decisions. It is an excellent gemstone for anyone who has difficulty locating their hidden wisdom and strength.

Lapis Lazuli

This excellent Libra birthstone works well for almost all star signs. Lapis Lazuli can help Libras maintain their inner light, nurture their self-expression, and help them discover their strengths and weaknesses.

This blue stone can calm any soul and mind while cleansing the throat and third eye chakra, opening all ways of communication. It also helps Libras discover harmony in their life and see only the best in other people.


For Libras that find it hard to face the world, Bloodstone is their shield. This is a stone of positivity with a wonderful meaning.

Libras usually hate facing confrontation due to their being less expressive and more compromising. Bloodstone is a powerful stone that grants courage to Libras to speak their true feelings.

In addition, this is a perfect crystal for people who fear being neglected. Bloodstone brings empowerment to those who hold it, giving you strength and confidence. This stone bursts with vitality and is a significant booster of positive energy.

How to Use Libra Crystals and Stones

A Libra birthstone is a special crystal that can change how Libras lead their life. There are many fantastic ways to use a Libra birthstone for maximum results.

Wear As Jewelry

One of the most powerful ways to experience the effects of Libra birthstones is by wearing them against your skin. This is the most clever way to soak all the positive energy and rejuvenate your thoughts.

Wear your crystal on a necklace, bracelet, or ring to keep it closer to your skin and let your body and mind enjoy the positive vibrations it may produce.

Place Around Your Home

Place the crystals around your house or office if you want to elevate your environment with the positive vibes of these birthstones. When these stones release power rays, they change how you think and bring prosperity to your life.

You can also place your preferred stone in your purse or pocket to take with you wherever you go. But be mindful though, if your stone falls and breaks, that isn’t a good sign when maintaining harmony around you.

Hold During Meditation

When meditating, the birthstones can be your best accessories. Hold them in your hand during a meditation session to feel their utmost power.

How To Care For Your Birthstone

It’s important to look after your gemstones so they can change your life for good. Here are some ways to care for them.

  • Cleanse the crystals using warm water and a soft brush or cloth. Then dry it using a soft towel.
  • Not every stone is hard. So, to save them from any damage, store every gemstone separately. If you have a storage box, create separations to avoid one stone touching the others.
  • Regardless of the stone you own, make sure that your crystals are always safe from chemicals. Avoid using perfumes, hairsprays, and cosmetics near them.
  • Extreme heat and prolonged sunlight aren’t great for some crystals as they can harm their durability and color. Keep your crystals in a cool dry place.

Final Thoughts On Libra Birthstones

If you are a Libra, you might find yourself wanting to please others while neglecting to take care of yourself. While Libras have some amazing qualities, a few characteristics of this zodiac sign can pull them back.

To overcome such problems, try wearing a suitable Libra birthstone to achieve all the goals in your life. These birthstones bring the best out of you and encourage you to face the world without any fears.

Whether you get your hands on an Opal or an Aquamarine, cleanse it regularly and keep it away from harsh heat so that it can properly serve its benefits for years to come.

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