White Crystals

White Crystals

White Crystals are special healing crystals that represent purity, peace, joy, and innocence. White Crystals contain light energies within them with the potential to illuminate any inner darkness. When you feel stuck or filled with uncertainty, a white crystal will help guide the way.

White Crystals

Meaning of White Crystals

White crystals are exactly what you need if you’re looking for calmness and serenity in life. Known for their ability to cleanse negative energy and replace it with light, white crystals will illuminate any path in your life that is currently filled with darkness.

White crystals are ruled by the moon and carrying them with you will help guide you through even the most challenging decisions of your life. They also provide protective powers to shield the wearer from negative energy, pain, and suffering.

Representative of regeneration and hope, carrying white crystals with you will ensure that you never lose hope, even in the darkest of times. If you fall off your path, white crystals will help you get back on track with more grace and confidence than ever before.

White is the color of bright light, purity, and overall peace. It’s no wonder then why white crystals are commonly used for healing and cleansing purposes. They have the ability to cleanse your surroundings of negative energy and provide relief from various illnesses.

White crystals are associated with the crown chakra and are used in spiritual work and practice to connect us to our higher selves. They will sharpen your memory and allow you to access deeper bouts of mindfulness. By connecting with your higher self, you will be able to manifest your desires and achieve anything you set your mind to.

Also known for their ability to boost self-love and self-confidence, and provide mental and emotional clarity, white crystals are quite diverse in their capabilities.

We’ll go over everything you need to know about white crystals, from their uses and benefits to the different types available. So let’s dive in and see which white crystal best suits your needs!

Uses and Benefits of White Crystals

White crystals provide hope, inner healing, and light, even in the most difficult of situations. Not only will they light up your own life, but they will also provide your home and spaces with their bright benefits. Even neighboring gemstones will benefit from the healing aura of white crystals. Their beautiful white shine can purify everything that comes their way.

Here are some incredible benefits of including white stones in your life:

White Crystals and Health and Healing

White crystals are incredibly beneficial for your mind, body, and soul. They can detoxify your body, boost your immune system, and even purify your bloodstream.

Extremely beneficial for mental health, white crystals can reduce anxiety, depression, stress, and recurring migraines. They will help you fight negative emotions by improving mental clarity and giving you a healthy boost of optimism.

All in all, white crystals are excellent tools for helping you prioritize your physical body and health, and support your mental health and overall well-being.

White Crystals for Love and Relationships

White crystals have been known to eliminate negativity and cynicism from your mind, thereby strengthening relationships not only with your higher self but others as well. These precious gemstones will help you focus on the important things in your relationships and strengthen your bonds with loved ones.

When you replace negative feelings with peace and optimism, you’ll be able to communicate openly and solve problems in your relationships efficiently. Keeping white crystals nearby will help you choose your words carefully so that you don’t speak harshly, but instead out of a place of love and care.

White stones will help you break free from mental limitations, allowing you to love your partner with all your heart. You will also enjoy the benefits of vibratory energies, which will make others more attracted to you.

White Crystals for Healing of the Crown Chakra

The Crown Chakra is located at the top of your head and helps you control your sense of wisdom, universal consciousness, self-knowledge, and connection to the spirit world. If your crown chakra is blocked, you might feel lost, physically weak, and detached from the world.

Wearing a white crystal can help you heal the crown chakra, heighten your intuition, and connect with your spiritual path. Moreover, it can help you maintain balance and connection with your true self. More importantly, white crystals will help expand mental creativity and thinking capabilities.

White Crystals for Wealth & Fortune

White crystals also help you attract good fortune, wealth, and charm. However, you must still put in the work! White crystals will help you take the right steps and make the right decisions that will ultimately lead to success.

White crystals will clear obstacles that might block your path, giving you the ability to perform with minimal roadblocks. Moreover, white crystals help open the doors of opportunity for the wearer. They’ll also give you the confidence and bravery to say yes to big opportunities.

Since white stones are connected to the crown chakra, they will help sharpen your mind and fill it with successful and optimistic thoughts. They’ll provide you with mental clarity by eliminating the fear of failure and communication.

In short, these sparkling crystals will help you shine like a star too!

Different Types of White Gemstones

You will come across plenty of types of white gemstones that will help you shine and shimmer in many ways. However, you can’t just pick up the first white crystal you see. Instead, we suggest learning about each crystal’s properties, uses, and benefits to see which one best fits your needs.

To help you in your search, we’ve created a list of the best white crystals along with their individual properties and benefits that they offer.

White Agate

You can find the Agate gemstone in almost every color. However, White Agate provides unique crystal healing that stimulates the chakras. It is mined in Brazil, India, Africa, Morocco, and the United States and is full of positive vibes and white energy to guide you through every decision in your life.

White Agate helps you to stay grounded and release yourself from egoistic feelings. These stones allow us to live and enjoy the present moment instead of dwelling on past and future worries.

Wearing a White Agate stone will spark your crown chakra, making your mental and physical self shine freely. It will provide the light to guide you on the right path and choose your destiny.


As the name suggests, a Moonstone crystal will channel its energy from the moon and shine bright like this natural satellite. Though anyone can enjoy the benefits of moonstone, this white crystal is more fruitful for those who want to support their feminine energy. It can help them connect to their divine feminine and treat fertility issues and PMS symptoms.

Moreover, moonstone helps you to stay calm and composed through the most significant changes in your life. This white gemstone allows you to enjoy the changes by eliminating overwhelming emotions. Also known as a calming stone, it helps heal emotional wounds and provide peace to the mind and soul.

You can find moonstones in Brazil, Mexico, Australia, and the US. However, the finest ones are in Sri Lanka and Southern India.

White Topaz

White Topaz is also known as the stone of awareness. This is because it helps us clear our minds of fluff, and make room for positive thoughts, creativity, and imagination. It is also a useful stone for those searching for tranquility and peace.

Moreover, the White Topaz stone helps one make the right decisions and guides a soul to the correct path. Plus, it brings out the independent and confident side of an individual. It also helps you strongly connect with your spiritual consciousness.

White Topaz has a radiating energy that exercises our mind with positivity and is known as the stone of demonstration or manifestation. This gorgeous and beneficial stone is available in countries like Myanmar, the United States, Madagascar, Zimbabwe, and Pakistan.

White Selenite

White Selenite is another gemstone perfect for healing the crown chakra. It is one of the best white crystals for cleansing and purifying. It can give a boost of purification to you, your energy, your surrounding, and your belongings. Moreover, these white crystals also have the power to purify and charge other crystals.

In addition, White Selenite is perfect for achieving intellectual clarity, inner peace, and calmness. It helps in eliminating negative feelings and helps you focus on the good things in life. Also, its sparkling white light can help guide individuals on the right path.

This white gemstone is mainly found in the United States, Russia, Greece, Mexico, Australia, Brazil, and Argentina.

White Quartz Crystal

Also known as Clear Quartz, the White Quartz Crystal is mainly available in Brazil and the United States. It is one of the most stunning white gemstones that activates your crown chakra, amplifies your energy, and activates your psychic abilities. In addition, the Clear Quartz crystal can also strengthen your sense of intuition.

This white crystal can give you an incredible boost of energy and helps you walk the right path while making correct and fruitful decisions. Not only that, but it also takes you into a state of calmness and stability.

If you feel lost and struggle with decision-making skills, this white crystal can solve your problems. It also helps in manifestation and mindfulness.

White Opal

The White Opal gemstone symbolizes hope, peace, and purity. It is mainly available in Australia, Brazil, and Ethiopia. This gemstone has silver, gold, and milky white hues that are a treat to admire.

It helps to lighten the heart and maintain healthy relationships while giving a boost of creativity to wearers. Furthermore, people have been using White Opals to treat insomnia and headaches for years.

These white gems give the mind a sense of serenity and clarity while relieving stress. Plus, they can help you regenerate your energy whenever you are feeling low. You can even combine this healing stone with other white crystals to intensify the healing energy.

White Howlite

White Howlite represents patience, peace, and calmness. It is available in Nova Scotia, Turkey, Mexico, Germany, Canada, and Russia. If you want to find your spirituality and intellectual clarity, White Howlite is what you need!

This white stone also helps in controlling your temper and calming down. It can also enhance awareness and strengthen your memory. Moreover, this white stone also helps in treating insomnia and reducing stress.

In addition, White Howlite allows you to fall in love with yourself and embrace your flaws. This sense of self-love can help you live with a positive mindset. Most importantly, it will keep all the negative vibes away!

White Sapphire

White Sapphire is an enchanting and beautiful stone that helps you connect with your higher self. It protects the wearers from envy and harmful energies while nullifying all the negative thoughts from their minds. It also gives a boost of serenity and calmness.

This powerful gemstone is also highly beneficial for improving concentration and creativity. It can clear all the blockages from the mind and help you nail every task. Moreover, white sapphires promote good health while boosting the immune system.

These stones can fill a person with self-love, self-confidence, and self-esteem. The Sapphire white stone is mined in Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Australia, Tanzania, and Thailand.

White Calcite

White Calcite is a beautiful chalky white stone that fills the mind with lights of hope and positivity! The other name for this stunning stone is the energy supercharger, which means it can keep your energy and enthusiasm levels in check! Moreover, it activates both the crown and third eye chakra.

This stone has similar healing properties to other white crystals on this list like offering calmness and guiding you to make sound decisions. It can also promote forgiveness and understanding in relationships.

White Calcites can help you let go of things that are not worth fighting or holding grudges about. These stones also help you reach your higher self and make wise decisions.

White Scolecite

Also known as the gentle stone, White Scolecite is mainly found in Iceland and India with pink, purple, red, and milky white hues. It is well-known for promoting good sleep and eliminating nightmares and sleep paralysis. Also, it helps in promoting spiritual awareness.

This white crystal can strengthen and unlock the crown and third eye chakra. Moreover, it fills the hearts with peace and calmness while eliminating restlessness and stress. It can also help wearers become better communicators.

White Scolecite also contains healing properties to help fight mental and physical illnesses like other stones.

White Zircon

White Zircon is an alluring crystal that mimics the appearance of diamonds. It attracts good fortune, luck, and health. Moreover, it contains healing properties for mental illnesses too. Putting a White Zircon under your pillow can prevent nightmares and promote peaceful sleep.

White Zircon can help heal migraine attacks and make great travel companions due to their protective energy. If you can’t afford a diamond, White Zircon is the best substitute offering plenty of benefits.

How Should You Use White Crystals?

Whether you want white crystals for healing, wealth, or other purposes, keeping them close to your body is the key!

Wear As Jewelry

The more skin contact, the better. So, the best way to incorporate white crystals into your life and enjoy their benefits is to wear gemstone jewelry.

People have used crystal jewelry like necklaces, rings, and bracelets since ancient times. However, earrings are the best option for white crystals since they are closest to the crown chakra.

As Home Decor

If you are using white crystals to purify your surroundings, decorative ornaments with gemstones are the most effective. It won’t only purify the environment but will also become an aesthetically pleasing element. Moreover, placing white crystals in your room or living area can promote harmony and peace among family members.

Use In Meditation

Other ways to use white crystals are reiki healing and mindful meditation. Tightly hold the crystals in your hands and let the energies fill your body. You can also keep the crystals with you during tarot cards and scrying sessions since they strongly connect with the spiritual world.

How to Combine White Crystals With Other Crystals?

White crystals are natural boosters that can charge and purify other stones. For this reason, they work perfectly with every other crystal because of their neutral color and magnifying effects.

You can pair your white crystals with Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, White Topaz, Moonstone, Malachite, Beryl, Malachite, Fluorite, and Aventurine. These combinations work wonders by giving you protection, good luck, charm, and balanced mental and physical health.

Again, jewelry is the best option for combining white crystals with other stones. For example, you can make a bracelet or a necklace by combining two or more types of stones. Otherwise, designing ornaments and home decor elements with these combinations is a great choice too.

Final Takeaway on White Crystals

White crystals are heavenly stones. Their healing, cleansing, and calming properties improve your health and help you see the world from a new perspective. They are the best crystals for spiritual awareness and advancement. Plus, they allow you to live your life with peace, optimism, and harmony!

You can incorporate many types of white crystals in your life according to your needs and requirements. However, no matter what crystal you choose, make sure you use it correctly to absorb its energy to its full potential.

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