Black Crystals

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Black Crystals are intriguing and mysterious in nature with powerful healing properties. Black Crystals represent fertility, knowledge, self-sacrifice, protection, and purity of spirit. They can help you in your search for spirituality and ground you in the physical world.

Andradite. Crystals in calcite. The size – about 10 sm.

Meaning of Black Crystals

In the past, the color black was associated with negativity, death, and evil. However, with the new-found positive meanings behind black crystals, you can use these protective stones to express your spiritual and non-materialistic nature.

Black crystals are known for their exceptional healing properties, but that’s not all. While the right gemstone varieties can help you with your relationships, black crystals are also known to bring wealth and abundance.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about black gemstones and their meanings, benefits, correct use, and combinations.

Uses and Benefits of Black Crystals

Black Crystals have many benefits, from healing the root chakra to attracting wealth and abundance, and acting as a protective stone, there is no shortage of spiritual ability in these stones.

Here are the benefits associated with using black crystals correctly.

Black Crystals for Healing The Root Chakra

Black crystals are associated with the base or root chakra, which lies at the base of our spine and the foundation for our spirituality. This chakra is best described as the top priority in our hierarchy of wants and needs. It also determines what makes us feel safe in this world.

If your root chakra is blocked, you may feel fearful, unstable, lost, or sensitive. Opening this chakra is the best way to stabilize yourself and retain a strong and steady base to thrive upon. The right black crystal can help you unblock and open up this base chakra.

By healing your root chakra, you will feel more secure and energized with the ability to focus on your goals and dreams. The more you direct your attention toward love and excitement, the better your black crystal can help you channel divine light through all of your chakras.

Black Crystals for Relationships and Love

Black crystals are known for their protective powers, especially when it comes to love and relationships. This area of life is where we tend to feel the most vulnerable and emotional. With the right black gem, you can borrow much-needed protective energy.

The protective powers of black gems help you feel free and open while they block any negative energy from disrupting your peace.

Furthermore, black crystals are known to amplify the truth among those around them. Keeping a black gemstone nearby will give you the ability to see through lies and speak your own truth, keeping you out of falsehood and darkness.

With the help of black crystals, you can build foundations for self-control, spirituality, and resilience. These characteristics can lead you toward healthy and harmonious relationships free of negative energy.

Black Crystals for Physical Healing

Black crystals are beneficial for more than just spiritual healing, they can also heal and protect the physical body. By keeping negative energy and evil spirits at bay, black crystals can help detox your body from stress and tension.

The presence of charcoal in black crystals allows them to physically absorb negative energy and toxins from their environment. For centuries, black crystals have been trusted for their detoxification capabilities, especially in their ability to purify water.

By providing a protective shield around your aura and psyche, black gemstones can increase your physical strength and overall well-being. Black tourmaline and shungite may even provide physical protection from electromagnetic radiation coming from your phones and electronic devices.

Naturally protective of your soul, body, and mind, black crystals allow you to detox harmful energies clogging your immune system. Black crystals are also known to instill warrior-like energy in the user, allowing them to persevere during hard times.

It’s also believed that black crystals may help with fertility. Ancient Egyptians associated black with fertility since the rich soil by the Nile river was a jet-black color.

Black Crystals and Wealth

While black crystals emphasize the value of a non-materialistic life, they can also bring wealth and abundance to those who need them. Their protective energy is most impressive when it comes to matters of business and money.

If you’re a business owner, having a black crystal in your home or office may offer protection over your hard work, keeping you and your business safe from malintent. Furthermore, black crystals can help improve confidence, allowing you to execute smart business decisions and further build your wealth.

Having your black gems can also help you trust yourself and your decisions. Once your self-esteem is strengthened, your decision-making skills will improve automatically, allowing you to make better money-making choices.

On top of protection and confidence, black crystals also enhance one’s inner knowledge. Known as the symbol of education in the Middle Ages due to the black ink used for writing, the color black became a model for knowledge.

Different Types of Black Crystals

There are many black crystals in our world, most known for providing protection and others that remove negative energy from their surroundings. The most popular black crystals are black onyx, tourmaline, and obsidian, though there are many black stones out there in a variety of shapes and sizes, each with its own meanings and benefits.

Here are the most important black gemstones you should know about.

Black Cat’s Eye Scapolite

Black Cat’s Eye Scapolite earns its name from its unique patterns and slits down the middle, resembling a feline eye. This phenomenon is exceptionally rare, only occurring in a few gem varieties. Due to its rarity, a cat’s eye scapolite is considered a collector’s stone.

This black gemstone may help to keep negative energies at bay while creating a beautiful and sade aura around the owner. Surprisingly, it’s also known as the problem-solver gemstone, providing the owner with the mental clarity and space needed to find solutions.

Black Jade

Also known as a guardian stone, Black Jade represents protection and courage, especially in the spiritual world. Not only does it provide energetic protection from negative entities, but black jade can also protect you from feelings of fear, anger, bitterness, and other negative emotions.

If you’re hoping to explore your identity and spirituality, these black gemstones may be the best way to do so. They can help to open up your unconscious mind and release decades of trapped trauma and limit future patterns of negativity.

As a result, you’ll have enough courage to face your shadow self and identify negative patterns in your life to replace them with positive mechanisms. Black jade can also help you turn dreams into reality by encouraging a steady flow of fresh ideas.

Black Obsidian

Originating from the core of the earth, black obsidian is also known as a lava stone. Lava stones are undoubtedly some of the darkest black crystals, absorbing all negative spirits surrounding the owner.

Most importantly, this lava stone channels all elemental energies: water, fire, earth, and air. However, the water energy in this crystal is most dominant in Feng Shui, which is why you should place this black stone on the North side of your home.

This crystal energy allows the black obsidian stone to cut through the chaos and give you peace of mind. As a result, you can put an end to bad habits, destructive thought patterns, and chakra blockages.

If you’re an empath, using this stone is the best way to protect your psychic energy and repel those who may try to drain it or cause you harm. It’s worth noting that the crystal healing of the obsidian is perfectly balanced due to its elemental energies.

Black Tourmaline

The black tourmaline stone is one of the most powerful crystals out there. If you have any toxic vibes, bad energies, or unwanted spirits in your life, a black tourmaline is undoubtedly the best way to get rid of them.

This beautiful dark stone can clear the way for a more positive spirit, purifying every energy force in your life. Black tourmaline is also famously known as a base chakra stone, which means it can increase your stability, security, and capability in life.

This is especially useful for those that suffer from anxiety or panic disorders that disrupt their daily peace and confidence. If you’ve been searching for the right crystal to give you the power to rise up and make a change in your life, black tourmaline might be all you need.

Black Onyx

Stability is undoubtedly the most prominent element of the black onyx stone. However, this beautiful black gem also represents stamina and determination to help you persevere during tough times.

Traditionally, the black onyx has been known to help wearers rely on their personal powers by benefitting from the stone’s deep healing capabilities. If you’re in a challenging situation, the black onyx stone may help you drown out any distractions and find the problem’s root.

Black onyx may also be beneficial for healing wounds of the past by allowing you to process past experiences and the effect they’ve had on your psyche. This provides a sense of calmness and space to navigate your healing journey.

Indigo Gabbro

Also known as “mystic merlinite,” the Indigo Gabbro is made of molten magma from the earth’s crust, making it incredibly rare and hard to find. Technically, it’s more of an igneous rock than a gem, but its capabilities are astonishing nonetheless.

This unique black crystal is associated with knowledge and insight and allows you to learn more about your true self. Experts also associate this stone with love, strength, and courage, helping you find answers to uncertainties in this area of life.

This black gemstone can also be helpful for those who want to take more risks in life. Indigo Gabbro stabilizes your spirit and eliminates feelings of doubt and anxiety, allowing you to explore the uncharted parts of your world fearlessly.

Black Kyanite

Also known as the witches’ broom, black kyanite earns its name from its ability clear all spiritual blocks, evil thoughts, and emotional trauma. Don’t let its unusual shape deter you, as its spiritual benefits are truly endless.

The best part about black kyanite is its ability to create an unbreakable etheric barrier around your aura, protecting it from unwanted spirits and energy. As a result, you’ll be able to cut through the chaos and enjoy calmer positive thoughts.

Black kyanite is associated with the throat and heart chakra, which means it can help with self-expression and love. More specifically, you’ll find yourself communicating clearly and having compassion for those who need it.

Overall, this black gemstone opens door to healthier relationships by helping you recognize toxic patterns and put an end to them for good.


Having ancient origins, shungite is one of the most popular black crystals out there. Most consider this stone a must-have for energizing one’s self and speeding up the healing process, whether physical or emotional.

Shungite has surprisingly high vibrations, which can benefit you more than you would expect. As this stone emits high frequencies, you can use it to enhance your chakra and energy cleansing methods.

Its powers are so strong that it has been known to help in purifying water, making its cleansing abilities clear and undeniable. Lastly, shungite can be used to reduce overall stress and protect the human body from negative energies.


If you’re new to crystal healing and want to use black gemstones, hematite is the best place to start since it’s one of the most readily available crystals.

Associated with blood, protection, and magic, when ground down to powder, this stone has been used as war paint and to adorn tombstones.

In terms of physical healing, hematite stones can help ease period cramps, regulate blood pressure levels, and improve poor blood circulation. It also has special benefits for mental health, providing protection against toxic energy and emotions.

Since it’s a root chakra stone, hematite can provide metaphysical stability and balance your yin-yang energies. Placing this stone in your office or workspace can enable fine-tuned focus and open creative doors in your mind.

Black Diamond

Unlike any other black gemstone, the black diamond can help you transcend to a whole new level of spirituality. They represent the purity of spirit, eternity, fidelity, and love, which is why black diamonds can be the best gift for a significant other.

Additionally, black diamonds are known for their dark charisma, mystic powers, and unique energy, since their existence itself is a rare occurrence. If you use your black diamond correctly, you may earn the power to shape your future while embracing your destiny.

This statement-making gemstone may also help you express your true self to the world by providing mental clarity and confidence, especially when faced with adversity and confusing circumstances.

Black Quartz

Black Quartz, also known as Smoky Quartz, is a stone known for its detoxification abilities. Its detoxification capabilities ensure its surroundings are clear of any negativity or toxic feelings, leaving a sense of calm and happiness.

By using this gem correctly, you can tap into your primal force for extra strength, stability, knowledge, and courage.

If you find yourself feeling as though the ground was swept out from under you, black quartz can help you find peace and stability once again. It can also help you gain a clear mind and connect you to the natural world if you find yourself too anxious or fearful.

Black Garnet

Known for its passionate and zesty nature, there’s no reason not to love the soul-awakening black garnet stone. It has multiple physical, mental, and emotional healing capabilities that will blow you away.

Since it’s a base chakra stone, black garnet may help you align your frequencies with the earth’s magnetic core and call on your kundalini energy. As a result, you may benefit from creative enthusiasm and grounded feelings.

In terms of physical healing, a black garnet can help those with low libido by kick-starting their sexual desires. It can also improve circulation, flush your body of harmful toxins, and benefit your metabolism.

Other than that, black garnet can also remove feelings of doubt and jealousy to strengthen a relationship. Finally, if you find yourself lost in the middle of a crisis, this black stone may help you ground your emotions and find clarity.

Black Pearl

Symbolizing mystery, independence, and wealth, the black pearl is a rare type of pearl originating in Asia. While most black pearls get their black color from dyes and treatments, the black Tahitian pearl is naturally black due to the presence of charcoal.

As a result, its color isn’t entirely black and has some iridescent undertones. In terms of spirituality, black pearls can provide hope for the wounded heart while protecting it from negative energy.

They’re also associated with eternal love, which is why black pearls make the perfect gift for a significant other. But, of course, their rarity also associates them with wealth, prosperity, luxury, and abundance.

Black Jasper

A member of the quartz family, the black jasper is one of the rarest jasper stones. Since it’s associated with the base chakra, this stone can help you find balance amidst feelings of uncertainty and spaciness.

If you work in a high-risk environment, this gemstone can keep you safe while improving your productivity. In terms of physical health, black jaspers can help with illnesses related to your digestive system.

Other than that, black jasper is also known to help those with infertility issues and low libido. This stone is also believed to bring wealth and abundance to the owner by increasing their determination to reach their goals.

Finally, the black jasper stone can help you during times of uncertainty and stress in a relationship, putting an end to destructive patterns and insecurities that may harm your loved ones.

Black Zircon

If you’re in search of a more affordable diamond substitute, look no further than the black zircon. Although they are brittle, their rarity makes them one of the most valued black gems out there.

In the middle ages, this stone was believed to improve sleep and bring honor, wisdom, and prosperity to the wearer. Black zircon may also help you improve self-confidence, enforcing a stronger belief in your abilities before you explore the unknown.

If you’re having trouble in your love life, this stone can help open up closed-off emotions, allowing you to heal broken relationships. Additionally, black zircon can support your psychic intuition and protect you during meditation.

How To Use Your Black Crystals

The way you use your black crystals will depend on the results you hope to get from them. Powerful protection, high vibration, and high healing are some of the many benefits you can expect from black crystals.

Wear As Jewelry

Those that want to enhance their connection with their favorite black stone might choose to keep it firmly pressed against their skin. The best way to do so is by keeping it on a necklace, bracelet, ring, or other form of gemstone jewelry.

Ensuring direct contact with a black crystal will allow you to connect deeper with its powers, aligning your frequencies and letting the stone absorb negative energies. This way, you can ward off any negative emotions others may be projecting onto you.

Keep In Your Pocket

If you’re hoping for all-around protection, you may choose to carry the black crystal with you everywhere you go. Keeping your crystal with you at all times can be as simple as keeping it in your pocket, purse, or wallet.

Use In Meditation

You may also use black gemstones during a reiki practice or in meditation. Popular methods involving meditation with black crystals include building altars or crystal grids.

Placing a black crystal on your altar during meditation will call upon positive energy and allow you to go deeper into your meditation practice.

Place In Your Home

Black crystals can also welcome positive energies into your home if you place them near the entryway. This way, you can turn your home into a divine sanctuary, and the gem will absorb negative energy before it enters your space.

In this case, a dark grey quartz gem can bring wonder and wellness into every aspect of life.

How to Combine Black Crystals With Other Crystals

Because of their grounded and foundational nature, black crystals work efficiently as a base for other gemstones. However, if you want to make the most of their protective nature, we’d recommend pairing them with a crown or heart chakra stone.

Crown chakra gemstones include amethyst, clear quartz, selenite, lepidolite, and labradorite. On the other hand, rose quartz, emerald, green aventurine, rhodonite, and amazonite are some notable heart chakra stones.

Pairing a black crystal with amethyst may help you enhance your psychic abilities and connect with higher planes of existence. It’s essential to stay protected during meditation or astral projection, as our deeper selves are vulnerable to harm.

Protecting yourself does not have to be synonymous with closing yourself off. For example, pairing black crystals with members of the quartz family can provide spiritual backup while staying vulnerable and accessible.

Lastly, you can pair your black crystal with other crystals of contrasting colors. For example, white gemstones can help you balance perfect yin-yang energy, especially clear quartz, moonstone, opal, selenite, or even fluorite.

Final Takeaway on Black Crystals

Black crystals have a rich history dating back centuries when priests and pastors recognized them as spiritually abundant stones. They symbolize wealth and affluence while showcasing one’s aversion to the material world.

When used the right way, black stones can heal you physically, emotionally, and spiritually. With the right gemstone combinations, you may also note improvements in your relationships and love life.

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