Aquarius Birthstone

The Aquarius Birthstone supports the Aquarius star sign which takes the eleventh position on the zodiac sign chart. Aquarius Birthstones are associated with the air sign and resonate most with those born between January 19th and February 19th. Those with an Aquarius astrological sign tend to have independent, secretive, and puzzle-like personalities.

What Is The Aquarius Birthstone?

Amethyst is known to be the primary Aquarius birthstone. Also known as healing crystals, Amethyst gemstones have a beautiful purple color (which is also a primary Aquarius birthstone color) and plenty of benefits for Aquarius individuals.

High-quality amethysts are found in the United States, Brazil, Sri Lanka, and Siberia mines. However, the largest Amethyst mine in the world is in North America; Thunder Bay, Canada.

This beautiful gemstone is found in different shades of purple that are a treat to the eyes. Also, Amethyst represents the purity of spirits and has been used to heal wounds for ages.

Other than Amethyst, Garnets are also well-suited to Aquarians. They come in many colors, like yellow, purple, orange, and green. Also, Garnet brings out spiritual protection for wearers.

There are plenty of other Aquarius birthstones that Aquarians can wear for prosperity and good luck.

Characteristics of Aquarius Individuals

Quick Facts

  • Element: Air Sign
  • Birth Date: January 19th to February 19th
  • Ruling Planet: Uranus
  • Respective Colors: Blue, Purple
  • Compatible Signs: Gemini, Sagittarius, Aries

Aquarians Explained

Aquarius represents vision, independence, and intellect. They are known to be “independent souls” and are known for making the right decisions independently.

The more you try to cage Aquarians, the more they will try to flee. Their independence is their most valuable treasure as they dislike being told what to do.

Moreover, Aquarius people are often cheerful, positive, and full of hope. They tend to assume the best and deal with every situation with optimism. Unlike other zodiac signs, they always look out for the ones they love and are one of the most selfless personalities.

Also, their personalities are absolutely charming. But be warned, their sarcasm can sometimes be so persuasive that people find them offensive!

Moreover, Aquarians can be rebellious and stubborn in nature, often doing the opposite of what they’re told. Aquarians may also habitually bottle up their feelings for long periods of time. So, they might explode with frustration when they can’t take it anymore.

Aquarians have a tendency to overthink. They are deep thinkers which might lead them to think about the worst possible scenarios. This overthinking problem mainly occurs when they are going through anxiety episodes.

Colors Associated With Aquarius Birthstone

Since Amethyst is the main Aquarius birthstone, purple is definitely the most suitable Aquarius birthstone color. It is the color of the third eye chakra and represents the sense of curiosity and higher thinking that Aquarians have.

However, purple is not the only Aquarius birthstone color. Aquarius resonates with water and air signs, so blue can be a perfect Aquarius birthstone color too! In addition, a blue stone can enhance the intelligence of Aquarians while balancing out their negative and positive energy levels.

Garnet gemstones are a great option for Aquarius individuals searching for blue stones. They possess a healing energy, beneficial for the lungs, heart, and kidneys.

Aquarius Birthstone List

Wearing Aquarius birthstones can be beneficial in plenty of ways. They come with healing properties, bring luck and charm, and, most importantly, balance out all the personality traits in an Aquarian.

Birthstones can keep all the negative vibes in Aquarians at bay and bring out a positive outlook on life! The two most prominent and suitable Aquarius stones are the Amethyst and the Garnet gemstone. But that’s not it; there are plenty more!

Let’s dive into the list of all Aquarius birthstones and their crystal-healing properties!


Amethyst is a stunning and enchanting gemstone with attractive purple hues. It helps in relieving the symptoms of anxiety, depression, and nervousness while keeping mood swings in check.

The stone also contains powerful and spiritual energies, making it perfect for when an Aquarius feels they need to connect with their spiritual side. Amethysts help the star signs find peace and tranquility while, at the same time, boosting motivation and optimism.


Also known as the January birthstone, Garnet symbolizes confidence, protection, purity, and companionship. This beautiful gemstone can also help Aquarians with the fear of commitment, whether in relationships, work, or other areas of life.

Garnet also helps increase energy, boost immunity, and build self-confidence. Moreover, this Aquarius stone can help protect individuals from black magic, negative energies, and dark powers. From blue and green to red and yellow, this January Aquarius stone comes in plenty of colors.

Like Amethyst, Garnet also contains healing energies and is highly beneficial for blood circulation, kidneys, lungs, and heart. In addition, it helps clear out all the negativity from the mind and brings optimism, harmony, prosperity, and luck!

Moss Agate

Moss Agate is an ancient stone used in Greece and Arabia centuries ago. It was a tool of protection for the wearer in Ancient cultures.

This stone can help clear the mind of those with the Aquarius zodiac sign, allowing them to see the world with a positive spin. It also increases focus and removes all the distractions that might come in the way of achieving their goals.

Moreover, Moss Agate helps fight chaotic and anxious episodes by balancing all the chakras. If you are someone who struggles with aggressive episodes, this stone will help balance that!


The Jasper Aquarius stone has different colors, but Red Jasper is considered especially beneficial for Aquarians. This stone connects with the root chakra to provide a boost of energy, personal power, and creativity.

Jasper also helps promote emotional balance and suppresses negative energy. Also known as “supreme nurturer”, this stone can take the wearer to a complete Zen state. Apart from this, the stone can help improve blood circulation and prevent severe health conditions. The stone can also be a source of connection with animals and plants.

The Red Jasper Aquarius stone harmonizes amazingly with Garnet. You can use both gemstones together to get a boost of power.


Turquoise is a breathtaking and shiny gemstone with light blue and green shades. The color combination is definitely pleasing and a treat to the eye. This stone connects with the throat chakra and gives individuals the gift of clear communication and thought processes.

Additionally, this Aquarius birthstone gives a boost to the immune system and also helps in staying calm and positive. Plus, the stone is highly beneficial and lucky for Aquarius women!


Sugilite is a rare Aquarius stone with striking shades of purple and pink. It helps increase mindfulness, promote spiritual growth, and channel psychic abilities. Sugilite is also known to help with headaches and migraines.

Moreover, Sugilite is a stone of glorious release, giving individuals a sense of freedom and independence. It rids the soul of negative energy and thoughts that might be stopping you from achieving your goals.

Sugilite can also relieve the symptoms of depression in Aquarians and helps in forgiving others. After all, forgiveness is the best gift you can give to yourself.

How To Use Aquarius Birthstones

The best way to possess the energy of Aquarius birthstones is to press them onto your skin. Direct contact with the skin helps the gemstones’ healing properties reach deep within the soul. This makes wearing these birthstones as jewelry the best option!

Wearing Aquarius birthstone jewelry is the easiest and oldest way to enjoy the benefits of powerful gemstones. It is an old and traditional method, and for years people have been making bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and rings with birthstones in them. Even now, many wear birthstone jewelry for luck, prosperity, and good health.

How to Cleanse Aquarius Gemstones

Aquarius gemstones are precious crystals used to rid the body of negative energy and illnesses while healing the wearers. Therefore, it is essential to cleanse them regularly, especially if you are using healing stones.

The good news is that cleansing these gemstones is relatively easy. Most Aquarius birthstones only need a rinse under water for 30 seconds. Do not use boiling water and be sure to avoid rubbing the stones aggressively. Intense scrubbing and extremely hot water can damage the surface of the rocks.

You can also cleanse your stones by placing them under a direct moon or sunlight. Finally, it would be best to combine your birthstone with rose quartz stones. Quartz is excellent at absorbing negative energies.

Final Thoughts For Aquarius Birthstones

Aquarians are fun-loving, creative, and independent. They have a strong connection with nature. However, they can be anxious and sensitive and sometimes stop communicating. The Aquarius stones listed above can help them balance out these negative traits while giving plenty of healing and spiritual benefits too.

These stones can also make Aquarians better communicators and help them fight anxious and negative thoughts. Aquarians can wear gemstones in rings, necklaces, or bracelets. No matter how you wear them, ensure the stones are making contact with your skin to enjoy the full benefits.

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