Cancer Birthstone

The Cancer Birthstone supports the Cancer star sign which takes the fourth position on the zodiac sign chart. The Cancer birthstone resonates most with those born between June 21st and July 22nd. This star sign element is water, and like other water signs, Cancers are known to be emotional, intuitive, and compassionate. They are also said to be nurturing and loyal, making them great friends and family members.

What Is The Cancer Birthstone?

The Cancer birthstone is Ruby. The finest rubies are from Myanmar, particularly Burma. They are also found in mines throughout India, Australia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.

Rubies exude confidence and strength and these beautiful red gemstones are known to bring good fortune, especially lucky for those born in July.

The Cancer-born are attracted to this beautiful red gemstone because of its color. It is also a strong and durable stone, symbolizing the Cancer zodiac signs’ loyalty and strength.

Besides Ruby, other stones, such as moonstone and Carnelian, are also associated with Cancer. These two gemstones are thought to be lucky for those born under the zodiac sign, as they represent the lunar energies that Cancers are known for.

Characteristics of Cancer Individuals

Quick Facts

  • Element: Water
  • Birth Date: June 21 to July 22
  • Ruler: Moon
  • Respective Colors: White, Silver
  • Compatible Signs: Pisces, Scorpio

Cancers Explained

Cancer rules the Fourth House of Home Life, which includes the mother, hearth, and land. As a result, those with Cancer on their Fourth House cusp are likely to be very attached to their homes and family life.

Cancers may also have a solid connection to their roots and find themselves drawn to careers that involve caring for others, such as teaching, nursing, or social work. Cancers are comfort-loving individuals, which means they love a relaxing night just as much as they love going out on the town.

These individuals are also very nurturing and compassionate, always willing to lend a shoulder to cry on. However, they can be quite emotional, and their emotions tend to ebb and flow like tides. When a Cancer is feeling down, it’s best to give them some space to reconnect with their inner selves.

Like other water signs, Cancers don’t hesitate to show emotional intimacy. In fact, they often thrive on it. They are also highly intuitive and can read people like a book. This ability, combined with their natural empathy, makes them excellent at giving advice.

Cancers are also known for their imagination and creativity. They’re known to enjoy art, music, and writing and may be drawn to careers in these fields. While Cancer individuals can be great fun to be around, they can also be quite intense.

They are often highly sensitive to their environment and can absorb the emotions and negative energies of those around them. This characteristic can make them excellent healers, but it can also lead to them feeling drained and depleted if they’re not careful.

People with the Cancer star sign benefit most from stones that help them build emotional resilience and stay grounded. Unfortunately, while the Cancer sign does a great job of giving out love and being loyal, these attributes can sometimes be taken advantage of by others.

Therefore, this zodiac sign must ensure they care for themselves and not just everyone else.

Colors Associated With Cancer Birthstones

Since Ruby is the Cancer Birthstone, the colors most associated with this gem are shades of red. However, Cancer individuals may also find themselves drawn to other colors that represent their emotional nature, such as pink, purple, and blue.

As for the lucky colors, blue and white are said to be ideal for those with the Cancer star sign. These colors reflect the water element of the sign and can help Cancer individuals feel more connected to their emotions.

In general, Cancers should choose colors that make them feel relaxed and comfortable. After all, these are the colors that will help them nurture their inner selves and find emotional balance.

Cancer Birthstone List

Since there are many Cancer birthstones, Cancers can choose the one that resonates most with them. The birthstone list below shows all the Cancer birthstones with their traditional, modern, mystic, and Ayurvedic birthstone meanings.

Like other zodiac signs, Cancers are recommended to wear or carry birthstones for their healing properties. Some people also believe wearing the right birthstone can attract good luck and fortune, bring inner peace, enhance emotional well-being, and induce crystal healing.


Ruby is the most impactful birthstone for the Cancer zodiac sign due to its close association with the star sign. According to Vedic astrology, Ruby is representative of the Manipura chakra, the center of vitality in the body.

Ruby stimulates this chakra and activates it to bring good health, wealth, prosperity, and happiness. It also strengthens the Sun’s power in the horoscope, which is the lord of the Cancer zodiac sign.

Wearing a Ruby can help Cancers become more dynamic and confident. It also gives them the courage to face challenges and overcome them. Ancient Hindus believed that if they offered Rubies to Lord Krishna, they would be reborn as rulers and emperors.

In fact, Hindu folklore considers the Ruby gemstone to be more precious than diamonds. Other cultures also consider it a token of passion and safety.


Moonstone originates from feldspar, a group of silicate minerals. It is a potassium aluminum silicate with a Mohs hardness of 6 to 6.5. The name Moonstone is derived from its moon-like sheen.

Moonstone is the traditional birthstone for Cancer and the zodiac stone for Pisces. The unique composition of Moonstone makes it refract light. Ancient folklore says that the stone harvests the Moon’s energy to bring good fortune.

It is also said to be a stone of new beginnings. Moonstone is believed to calm and balance emotions. It also brings hope and enhances intuition.

Cancers who want to activate their feminine energy and get in touch with their emotions can benefit from wearing Moonstone. It can also help them connect with the spiritual realm and intuition.

Rose Quartz

Of all the Cancer stones, Rose Quartz is the one associated with the throat and heart chakra. Thus, it helps open up, express emotions, and balance yin and yang energies. It is also known as the ‘love stone,’ making it excellent for all matters related to the heart.

As a stone of unconditional love, Rose Quartz can be used to attract and maintain loving relationships. Cancer people can also use it in the recovery from a broken heart.

According to ancient myths, Rose Quartz is richer than other stones with healing properties since its properties combine Adonis and Aphrodite attributes.

Besides its stunning colors, Rose Quartz also displays an interesting phenomenon called pleochroism. It is a type of isomerism in which a crystal can have different colors when viewed from different angles. That’s why Rose Quartz might appear anywhere from strawberry pink to purple lavender.


Carnelian has long been associated with the zodiac sign of Cancer. It is a stone that helps give courage and promote positive life choices. It also wards off negativities and gives Cancer people the strength to deal with their problems.

Isis, the Egyptian goddess, used Carnelian to protect the dead during their journey to the afterlife. Meanwhile, the Romans used the stone to make seals as the hot wax did not stick with the stone.

They also used it to make jewels as the stone was thought to bring safety and luck. As for its appearance, Carnelian is a translucent to opaque stone that can be found in different shades of orange.


Chalcedony is a quartz-based crystal composed of silicon and oxygen atoms. The word “chalcedony” is derived from the Latin word Chalcedonius, meaning “of Chalcedon.” Chalcedony occurs in a wide range of colors, including white, gray, blue, brown, orange, yellow, green, pink, and red. It can be transparent or opaque and is often used in jewelry, carvings, and other decorative items.

It is particularly helpful for the Cancer astrological sign as it balances the various energies within the body. Moreover, it is said to bring the wearer good fortune and is often used as a talisman or amulet.

Since Cancers are always ready to help people around them, at times, they might feel overwhelmed and burdened. Chalcedony can help Cancer people release their burdens and feel more positive.


Opal is a stone of inspiration that enhances imagination and aids creative expression. It can bring forth originality and dynamic creativity. As a stone of happy dreams and changes, it can also help accelerate the fulfillment of one’s wishes. Emotionally, opal is said to relieve depression, alleviate PMS, and help those who tend to wear their heart on their sleeve. It is also said to help control one’s temper.

Opal comes in a wide range of colors, including orange, red, yellow, green, blue, and pink. However, the most common color of opal is white.

Cancer people can wear opal to ensure emotional stability, induce self-awareness, let go of past regrets, and achieve inner peace. It is one of those healing crystals associated with physical healing properties, such as insulin production, blood purification, and water retention.


Pearl is another Cancer stone that brings in the energies of honesty, innocence, and integrity. It is also a stone of concentration and can enhance memory.

Like opal, Pearl is also associated with the water element and can be used in emotional healing. For example, it can soothe dark moods and alleviate stress.

Pearl also has a reputation for helping with physical illnesses like heart, digestive, eye, and skin conditions. In addition, some people believe it can alleviate pain during childbirth.


Aquamarine is one of the most beautiful and popular gemstones. It has been cherished throughout history and is said to represent hope, youth, and health. Aquamarine is most commonly found in shades of blue but is also available in green.

The name aquamarine comes from the Latin word for “seawater.” Aquamarine was believed to be the treasure of mermaids and was used as a talisman by sailors to ensure a safe and prosperous voyage.

Although it is the birthstone for Pisces and Aries, Cancers can also benefit from the powers of aquamarine. The gemstone increases focus on happiness and hope. It has the energy that makes the wearer more compassionate, giving, and loving.


Like Rose Quartz, Turquoise also has a connection with the throat chakra. Therefore, it can be used to aid in communication, whether it’s verbal or non-verbal. The stone can also be used to encourage honesty and trustworthiness.

Turquoise is one of the oldest protection amulets and was also known as a symbol of wealth in many ancient cultures. It is associated with luck, success, and good fortune in the modern world.

Since it helps balance emotions, it is best for use in meditation. It helps you stay grounded and present in the moment. Turquoise can also boost your psychic abilities and intuition.


Obsidian is a stunning, natural glass created by volcanic activity. It is used for protection because it repels negative energy.

Cancer individuals who have difficulty letting things go can benefit immensely from working with Obsidian. The stone helps you release anger, resentment, and grudges. It also provides psychic protection from any outside negative energy.


Aventurine is a tektosilicate, a silicate mineral. It is a type of quartz that contains other minerals, such as mica or hematite, which gives it a sparkly appearance.

According to folklore, the stone brings about prosperity and compassion. It also reinforces leadership, making the wearer more decisive.

Aventurine also helps in emotional healing, as it can dispel anger and calm the mind. It is also said to be helpful in recovery from trauma.

Besides green, Aventurine also comes in red and blue. Different colors of Aventurine have their distinct properties. For example, blue Aventurine promotes mental healing, green Aventurine eases mental and emotional trauma, while red Aventurine boosts vitality, sensuality, and creativity.

How to Use Cancer Birthstones

Healing crystals can be very beneficial to their respective zodiac signs. Those with the Cancer sign can wear Ruby, Opal, Pearl, Aventurine, and other birthstones to enhance positive energies and eliminate negative ones.

Wear As Jewelry

The best way to introduce a Cancer Birthstone into your life is to get gemstone jewelry. All you have to do is find the perfect Cancer birthstone for your needs and find a piece of jewelry that features it.

When wearing your cancer birthstone jewelry, keeping the piece close to your body is best. If you choose the Rose Quartz Cancer birthstone, it’s recommended to wear it as a Cancer birthstone necklace so that it can be in close proximity to your heart chakra and your throat chakra.

The necklace will sit close to your heart, and Rose Quartz’s energies will help open up your throat chakra. This, in turn, can help you communicate better and express yourself more clearly.

Place On Your Desk Or In Your Pocket

Alternatively, you can keep healing crystals in your purse or pocket so that they’re with you wherever you go. When you feel stressed or anxious, take them out and hold them in your hand.

You may also keep them on your work desk or anywhere else where you spend a lot of time. By doing this, the energies of the crystals will surround you and create a positive environment.

Use In Meditation

If you meditate often, you can use healing crystals as part of your meditation practice. Simply hold the crystal in your hand and focus on its energies. Besides bringing metaphysical healing, this practice will also help to calm and focus your mind.

How to Cleanse Cancer Gemstones

The best way to cleanse your gemstones is by holding them under running water. Hold your stones under a faucet and ensure the water is running over the stones.

You can also use a selenite wand to cleanse your stones. Simply pass the wand over the stones several times or place your birthstone jewelry on the piece of selenite overnight.

If you are cleansing gemstones, it is also important to cleanse yourself. You can do this using visualization or other cleansing techniques. To visualize, simply imagine a white light surrounding you and your gemstones. It will cleanse you and your stones of any negative energy.

Final Takeaway on Cancer Birthstones

The Cancer birthstone list includes powerful stones like pearls, moonstones, and rubies. While some of these stones may be more affordable than others, they all offer something unique to those born under the Cancer sun sign.

Cancer individuals can wear their birthstones as a piece of jewelry or keep them in their homes as decoration. However you choose to use these stones, you should always remember the Cancer birthstones’ meanings and what these stones can do for you.

Other Birthstones

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