Taurus Birthstone

The Taurus Birthstone supports the Taurus star sign which takes the second position on the zodiac sign chart. Taurus Birthstones are associated with the earth sign and resonate most with those born between April 20th and May 20th. This astrological sign is known for being exceptionally hard-working, down-to-earth, and loving luxurious things. 

What Is The Taurus Birthstone?

The Taurus zodiac sign is known to enjoy the finer things in life, which makes it no surprise that their birthstone would be a beautiful Emerald. This green stone has been mined since 330 BC and was even worn by historical figures like Cleopatra.

Furthermore, this green stone is known to heighten feelings of self-love and deep intuition. Just like the Taurus star sign, the emerald gemstone is elegant and symbolizes eloquence. It has been known to help predict future events as well.

Apart from the emerald stone, there is a wide variety of Taurus birthstones that this zodiac sign can benefit from like Rose Quartz and Diamonds. Each of these Taurus birthstones can help this earth sign navigate its way through work and daily life.

Characteristics Of Taurus Individuals

Quick Facts

  • Element: Earth
  • Birth Date: April 20 to May 20
  • Ruling Planet: Venus
  • Respective Colors: Green, Pink, White
  • Compatible Signs: Capricorn, Scorpio, Virgo

Taurus Explained

The Taurus zodiac sign rules over the second house, which represents self-worth, personal finances, and materials. Taurus tend to be shopaholics and love to treat themselves often. When they aren’t working hard, the Taurus zodiac sign is busy relaxing and getting pampered.

Taurus individuals are also very ambitious and honest beings who love consistency. The best career options for this earth sign are banking, botany-related jobs, and fashion design. The Taurus star sign is highly creative, and they tend to keep a positive attitude when it comes to their work life.

They are also known to enjoy solving challenging tasks and taking on projects that others may find problematic. The Taurus zodiac is natural when it comes to navigating their way through challenging situations. Although this sense of perfectionism can often leave them feeling drained.

Taurus has a romantic nature when it comes to love, which makes sense since Venus rules Taurus. They love feeling cozy and stable in relationships, choosing long-term partners over flings. Since this star sign is quite reliable, they also like dependable partners. They are honest people and dislike being told lies.

They may be known for their level-headed personality, but negative energies may bring out the stubbornness in them. The Taurus zodiac sign is set in its ways and hates it when things don’t go according to plan. This can often bring out their angry and defensive side.

Luckily, plenty of Taurus birthstones can help remove toxic vibes from their lives. Taurus gemstones are a great tool to help Taurus thrive at work and attract abundance into their lives.

Gemstones like rose quartz also allow this astrological sign to attract healthy love into their lives. There are a lot of lucky stones included in the list of Taurus stones, which these luxury lovers will adore!

Colors Associated With Taurus Birthstones

When it comes to the Taurus birthstone color, green is at the top of the list. Green symbolizes luck, money, and nature, which are all things that Taurus adores. Secondary Taurus colors are mostly earth-toned but are also associated with pinks, greys, and white.

This fixed sign should wear shades of green since it is a lucky color for them. The Taurus sign should avoid wearing colors like red since it is associated with anger and aggression. They should also avoid yellow because it symbolizes frustration.

Taurus star signs are mostly drawn to neutral colors and prefer their color palette to be relatively minimal.

Taurus Birthstone List

It’s no surprise that the Taurus birthstone list contains some rare and beautiful gemstones. Taurus people can wear these healing crystals in the form of elegant jewelry or just keep them nearby for their multiple benefits.

Taurus birthstone jewelry is not only beautiful but beneficial as well as it has various healing properties and can banish negativity from those who wear it. Here are some of the best Taurus birthstones for this logical zodiac sign.


The Emerald stone is very well known and mainly used in wedding and engagement rings. However, emerald gemstones can bring the wearer prosperity and help with personal growth as well. Since green is the color of money, it makes sense that the emerald stone is a natural money magnet.

Emerald gemstones can help increase one’s income and bring better financial opportunities to a Taurus sign. Therefore, Taurus people should keep the emerald stone around when making important financial decisions. It also helps to keep this crystal in your wallet to attract money.

The emerald is a healing birthstone that can open up one’s heart chakra. Taurus can really benefit from this stone due to its calming nature. When faced with difficult situations, emeralds can help them calm down.

This stone also attracts unconditional love and friendships, which is excellent for a sociable Taurus. If you’re looking for long-lasting connections, wearing emerald jewelry can help.

Rose Quartz

Not only does rose quartz look beautiful, but it also contains many beneficial properties. It can help with emotional healing and release emotions that might be creating stagnant energy. Taurus people can use this stone to bring balance to their chakras and strengthen their self-esteem.

This Taurus stone contains goddess energy, which can be helpful in connecting with one’s divine feminine. Since Taurus love to be cozy, they can use this stone during self-care days. It can lift up their mood while promoting feelings of self-love.

Since Taureans are romantic by nature, this Taurus stone is just what they need to attract wholesome relationships. Taureans can use it to bring unconditional love and even help set healthy boundaries.

The best part about this Taurus birthstone is that it can be worn as trendy jewelry. Its pink hue is very aesthetically pleasing and it looks beautiful in rings or bracelets. Taureans should wear it to make their magical manifestations come true.


Diamonds are one of the most popular gemstones. Commonly used in rings, diamonds are known for their durability. So if you’re looking for a Taurus birthstone that will last, this is a great option.

Back in ancient times, diamonds were mainly traded using the Silk Road in China. Chinese natives used them to make jewelry for royalty. Nowadays, you can use this Taurus birthstone to remove negative energies from your life.

Diamonds contain potent energies that can rid feelings of fear from one’s heart. Taurus people can use them before giving big tests or while facing difficult work situations. It can also be used as a good luck charm for Taurus since it boosts creativity.

Try wearing diamond jewelry if you feel stuck in a rut and want to move forward without facing blockages. Diamonds can also be used to eradicate any negative vibrations and replace them with positive ones.

Green Aventurine

This Taurus birthstone can be used to attract luck and abundance. The green aventurine is a lucky stone that opens up opportunities for the wearer. Taurus natives can benefit from this stone because it is a magnet for wealth.

Since Taurus rules the second house of stability, this gemstone can help them stay grounded. It can cultivate inner peace and help one calm down if they are overthinking. Green Aventurine is one of the transformative Taurus gems that encourages clear thinking.

Wearing green aventurine can also unblock the third eye chakra, strengthening one’s intuitive abilities. You can place it under your pillow before sleeping to absorb negative energies and promote better sleep. Keep green aventurine around to bring prosperity and positivity into your life.

Blue Tourmaline

Want to bring calmness into your life? This Taurus birthstone has healing powers that can erase past emotional wounds. If you feel stuck due to past trauma, using a blue tourmaline can help you move on.

Back in the 1500s, this gorgeous stone was often mistaken for an emerald. However, it has a gorgeous blue coloring, and wearing it can bring inner peace. In addition, blue tourmaline is an excellent stone for relationships since it dissolves conflict and encourages feelings of love.

This birthstone for Taurus represents honesty, which is something that this zodiac sign loves. Since Taureans can be pretty stubborn, this stone can help them keep a cool head during tough times. It is a good grounding tool to bring one back into the present.

Use it during meditation to sharpen your mind, improve circulation and detox the body from any toxins. You’ll feel much lighter after you use a blue aventurine.


Peridot is another excellent Taurus birthstone since it brings balance into one’s life. Its key traits are removing feelings of guilt, promoting deep sleep, birthing creativity, and uplifting the mood. It’s an overall lucky stone that can help with spiritual growth.

Since feelings like anger can drain Taurus individuals, they can benefit from this stone. It relaxes the nervous system and removes anger, anxiety, or even jealousy. Peridot also brings balance to emotions and rational thinking.

For best results, wear this lime-colored stone on your hands. It has a gorgeous lime green color that you can use to make trendy jewelry. You can also place it on your altar to feel inspired and motivated.


If Taureans get too comfortable with materials, they may end up getting lazy. Wearing citrine jewelry can help prevent that. This lovely orange Taurus birthstone can fill your mind with positive thoughts and your life with joyful moments.

It is a regenerative stone that works as an aid for health problems like poor digestion. Healers have used citrine for centuries as it effectively removes toxins from the body. You can also use it to align all your chakras, especially the crown and solar plexus chakra.

Besides its healing properties, citrine can also be a powerful manifestation tool. Since it attracts positive vibrations, you can use it while you meditate. Another excellent way to use this stone is by writing down your manifestations and placing the stone nearby.

This birthstone can make Taureans feel confident and assertive, eliminating any thoughts of self-doubt. It can also protect the wearer from experiencing heartache.

Tigers Eye

This Taurus birthstone is popular because of its resemblance to a feline eye. It has been used since ancient times, especially in oriental cultures. Apart from its physical healing properties, it also brings good luck and protection.

It removes toxic feelings from one’s heart and can improve mental health. Wearing a tiger’s eye necklace can keep evil thoughts at bay if you’re prone to feeling anxious. Tigers eye is an excellent stone for focusing, especially if too many thoughts are clouding the brain.

This stone is often used in altars to keep one’s home safe from evil spirits. Cleanse it using sage since using water may weaken its abilities. For best results, wear this gemstone in a necklace.


Green jade has been used since prehistoric times to make jewelry and weapons. It has been mined since the Stone Age and was popularized in China. Since green is a lucky color for Taurus, they can benefit from this elegant stone.

When it comes to Taurus stones, Jade is a great option since it brings an abundance of wealth. In addition, it can encourage feelings of self-appreciation and acceptance. The best part is that this birthstone can be used in many ways.

You can use it as a jade roller to soothe acne-prone skin and remove redness. Or you can use the raw stone while meditating to strengthen your liver function. There is also plenty of jade jewelry out there, such as bracelets and rings.

This stone is a natural soother and can keep fearful thoughts away. It is a lucky gemstone that can bring good fortune and happiness into your life.


Taurus individuals love staying in their comfort zone, and this can often keep them from growing spiritually. Using Iolite can help Taureans get comfortable with exploring spirituality. Not only can it open up the third eye, and it is also known to improve eyesight.

Iolite is mainly given as a present on the 21st wedding anniversaries but can also be worn for its metaphysical benefits. In addition, it can give Taureans the confidence boost they need for giving presentations at work, socializing, and making major decisions.

This stone is also great for dealing with sleep-related problems. It can not only fix sleeping patterns but helps you get better quality sleep as well. For best results, sleep with the Iolite under your pillow.

On the list of Taurus birthstones, this one is best for getting work done. It can give the wearer motivation and clear up any creative blockages. But, of course, Iolite can also be a fantastic tool for artists.


Just like its name, this Taurus birthstone has a rich amber color. This is another gemstone that has been used since the Stone Age. Nowadays, it is used mainly in decorative glass pieces and ornaments.

If you feel plagued by negative energy and fear, this Taurus birthstone can instill courage in your heart. In olden times, this stone was worn by warriors before battle since it symbolized courage and bravery. Wearing amber jewelry can help prepare a Taurus for life’s battles and help them find solutions quickly.

Amber is also linked to the Greek god Phaethon. In Greek mythology, Zeus turned his sisters into trees that cried amber tears.

Wearing amber while traveling can ensure that you stay protected, especially during long flights. You can wear it in jewelry form every day or keep the raw version underneath your bed.

Overall, this is an excellent stone for the sign of Taurus.


This is a favored birthstone amongst Taurus because of its calming energy. Not only does the turquoise gemstone have a gorgeous color, but it is also a very soothing stone. In addition, it can keep mood swings in check, which stubborn Taurus can benefit from.

Taureans tend to work hard, and that can lead to burnout. This Taurus birthstone can keep exhaustion at bay, keeping energy levels up in Taurus individuals. It also helps ease anxiety and reduce one’s chances of a panic attack.

Turquoise can strengthen the throat chakra and improve your communication skills. Use this stone while meditating if you find it hard to speak your truth.

Taurus people can also break patterns of self-sabotage in relationships with the help of this stone. It is an excellent stone for relationships since it fosters forgiveness in the heart and helps you become more understanding.

The best part is that it looks incredible in jewelry!


Lastly, we have onyx, a powerful birthstone for the sign of Taurus. When it comes to Taurus birthstones, this one can boost self-confidence, improve decision making and attract luck. It is the ideal stone for Taurus individuals that love to excel in the workplace.

Onyx has plenty of physical healing characteristics and can keep one’s health in check. From relieving headaches to speeding up the healing process of wounds, it’s a handy gemstone. You can also use it to eradicate trauma stored in the body.

This Taurus birthstone can bring happiness and is a sign of wisdom. You can charge your onyx with different intentions, such as protection or focus. It protects the heart and heals any old emotional scars.

Onyx can give Taurus the energy they need to move forward in life. Not only does it create harmony amongst the chakras, but it also works as a charm for hidden strength.

How To Use Taurus Birthstones

Depending on their properties, there are plenty of ways to use Taurus birthstones. For example, stones that attract money, like aventurine and emeralds, can be kept in places like your wallet.

Other birthstones like garnet and diamond are mostly worn in jewelry form. However, they look amazing in wedding rings too, and if you have a Taurus partner, they can benefit from these stones.

For Taurus, the best way to use stones like rose quartz and Jade is by putting them on a self-care altar. It can take relaxation days to a whole other level.

How To Cleanse Taurus Birthstones

Cleansing Taurus birthstones is done the same way as other stones from other zodiac signs.

As with any birthstone, you have to make sure you know about its properties. This helps determine whether you can use water or sun to cleanse your Taurus birthstone.

A great way to cleanse them is by burning sage and using the smoke to cleanse your Taurus birthstone of any unwanted energies.

Final Thoughts on Taurus Birthstones

Although some Taurus birthstones are expensive, this luxury-loving sign will work hard to get them. They like to indulge in jewelry, and luckily Taurus birthstones make some fantastic jewelry pieces.

Each gemstone is unique and offers healing, protection, and good health while attracting abundance. We hope this article helps you find the best birthstones for your zodiac sign.

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