Capricorn Birthstone

The Capricorn Birthstone supports the Capricorn star sign which takes the tenth position on the zodiac sign chart. Capricorn Birthstones are associated with the Earth sign and resonate most with those born between December 22nd to January 19th. Ruled by Saturn, Capricorns are known to be hardworking individuals who are ambitious with tremendous willpower.

What Is The Capricorn Birthstone?

When it comes to birthstones, this astrological sign has two very special stones, the Garnet stone, and Blue Sapphire. The Garnet a gorgeous red color, similar to rubies. It represents creativity and is known to attract love as well.

The January birthstone for those with the sign of Capricorn is the red garnet birthstone which has fantastic healing properties and is able to detox your body from harmful toxins. In ancient times, this stone was named after pomegranate seeds due to its striking color

When it comes to December birthstones, Blue Sapphire is a great option. Other blue-themed zodiac birthstones like blue topaz and lapis lazuli are beneficial as well.

These stones have transformative energy for those with the Capricorn sign, which is excellent for keeping these Saturn-ruled individuals motivated. It’s best to learn all about these stones and use them to exercise your chakras and promote inner healing.

If you have a burning desire to learn more about the precious stones that are Capricorn stones, along with their individual properties, keep on reading.

Characteristics Of Capricorn Individuals

Quick Facts

  • Element: Earth
  • Birth Date: December 22 to January 19
  • Ruler: Saturn
  • Respective Colors: Grey, Blue
  • Compatible Signs: Taurus, Cancer, Virgo

Capricorns Explained

When it comes to professional life, no one takes it more seriously than a Capricorn. A person born between December 22nd and January 19th is extremely in tune with their practical sides and is pretty materialistic as well. Capricorns are a loyal star sign, especially towards the people they love.

If there’s one thing this astrological sign knows well, it’s money and business. When they set their mind on a goal, they will go to great lengths to achieve it. Their organization skills, goal-oriented mindset, and practical thinking also become great tools for them.

Not only is Capricorn the tenth astrological sign, but it also rules over the tenth house. This is known as the house of social status and achievements, which aligns with Capricorn’s values.

Once you talk about business with these individuals, you’ll get a glimpse of how genuinely ambitious they are.

The one thing in common between a Capricorn’s personal and professional life is their discipline. While they know how to have a good time, they like to maintain a balance between work and play.

Colors Associated With Capricorn Birthstones

The colors of Capricorn birthstones are often earthy-toned or in magnificent shades of red and blue. They perfectly reflect a Capricorn’s seriousness and maturity.

Black and purple are often lucky colors for Capricorn, and you can find hues of them in most of its birthstones. Some stones that perfectly portray this astrological signs color palette are black tourmaline, malachite, onyx, and moss agate.

The colors of Capricorn’s birthstones create a gorgeous mixture of both earthy hues and vibrant ones. These colors are very sophisticated, much like the Capricorns themselves.

List Of Capricorn Birthstones

Birthstones can become a handy tool for Capricorns, especially ones that help them maintain their focus. Protection stones can help keep negative energies and evil eyes away from a Capricorn’s ambitious lifestyle.

There’s a whole list of Capricorn birthstones, here are some of the best ones.


Red Garnets are not only Capricorn’s primary birthstone, but they’re gorgeous ones too. This is a durable stone that was worn by nobles in ancient eras. Garnet jewelry has even been found around the necks of pharaoh mummies!

Garnet is an excellent stone for ambitious Capricorns since it is known for increasing productivity. Also known for being a balanced stone, it provides an equal flow of energy to every part of the body. As a result, Capricorns can use this stone to get their creative juices flowing.

If you’re feeling pessimistic, wearing or holding a garnet can remove any negative feelings or senses of self-doubt within Capricorn. It brings self-awareness to the wearer as well.

This Capricorn birthstone stone also has plenty of physical healing properties, most of which have to do with blood. Garnet helps to improve blood circulation throughout the body and protect your heart from diseases.

Apart from all its wonderful properties, it also has a magical look to it.

Blue Sapphire

Apart from its stunning blue color, this Capricorn birthstone is known to bring good fortune. Ancient civilizations believed this protective stone could help them gain better spiritual insight. Today this stone is used in jewelry as well as a protection charm.

This stone is excellent for activating your third eye and throat chakra. Blue stones like the sapphire are usually tied to the throat chakra and can be used to improve a Capricorn’s communication skills. Using a blue sapphire before a big meeting is also an excellent way to cope with social anxiety.

Spiritually, the blue sapphire can help one increase their personal power and boost their inner strength. It’s perfect for those days when you need some extra motivation to keep going.

Capricorns can also use this stone to prevent feeling burnt out after a long week at work. In addition, it may help keep stress at bay for this hardworking zodiac sign.

Black Tourmaline

This stone is as black as night and has brilliant protective characteristics. If you’re looking to banish negative energy from your life, this stone will help you immensely. For the Capricorn zodiac sign, you can wear this gem right before making complex business decisions.

Since the planet Saturn rules Capricorn, they will sometimes have feelings of depression or distress. Black tourmaline provides excellent support for these dark times since it absorbs the darkness from one’s life and turns it into inner strength.

In addition, this Capricorn birthstone has healing powers to bring warmth and help generate more positive feelings, which can prove beneficial.

Black Tourmaline also has some physical benefits, such as improving blood circulation in the body. You can use it to strengthen your base chakra, which is the foundation of all chakras.

If you’re looking for more stability in life and want to feel more grounded, use this birthstone to heal your base chakra.


This Capricorn birthstone is a powerful one, and it’s also known as the guardian stone, full of healing energies. It has a beautiful green color as well as marbling that almost looks like silk. This transformative gemstone can help bring positive changes into one’s life.

When it comes to healing crystals, malachite is an excellent option since it can activate all your chakras. Capricorns can use malachite to get through emotional ruts or break harmful life patterns.

Another fact about this Capricorn birthstone is that it can secure your money. So, for Capricorn looking to attract more money in their life, try keeping this green stone in your wallet.

Moss Agate

This is another stone associated with the sea goat star sign, and it has a pretty marbled appearance. What makes this the perfect Capricorn stone is its ability to draw in abundance.

Since the 18th venture, people have been using moss agates to attract abundance and prosperity into their lives; Capricorns can make use of this stone when starting a new business or taking on a project. It’s a bit of a lucky stone and has tons of physical healing properties too!

Are you feeling overwhelmed because of work? This stone can help you feel balanced and has a calming effect. If you’re experiencing blockages in your root chakra, try wearing a bracelet made of this beautiful Capricorn stone.

Rose Quartz

The rose quartz is full of positive energy and is the ultimate self-love stone. It can help remind Capricorns that while work is important, so is self-care. This birthstone can also help activate the heart chakra, so you can be open to receiving love.

Known as the stone of Cupid, it was used in talismans by Greeks and Romans. It is known as a symbol of love, and it is said that Cupid carried it with him to spread compassion among people. This quartz has a beautiful pinkish color and can be found in many forms.

It may be a helpful tool for Capricorns when it comes to relationships. The rose quartz allows you to love freely and balance energies between partners.

Lapis Lazuli

This is another gorgeous blue gemstone, often found with gold-colored specks on it. You can use it along with your blue sapphire to balance your energies. This stone is excellent for strengthening one’s intuition as well.

Ancient tribes used this stone to ward off any evil spirits. In addition, it was known as a sign of courage and wisdom, worn by many royals. Ancient Egyptians even used lapis lazuli powder to improve their eyesight.

This January birthstone can be used to undo any blockages in your throat or third eye chakra. Capricorns may end up feeling depressed if they don’t express their emotions. Lapis lazuli helps clear any doubts and helps Capricorns speak their truth.

The Lapis lazuli is also associated with Saturn, which is Capricorn’s ruling planet and can sometimes be quite unforgiving. It can cleanse any negative thoughts from the mind and keep you in touch with reality. Try keeping it around during stressful times to ease your mind.


This gemstone gets its name from its dark grey and black coloring. It’s a powerful energy magnet and has protective properties too. Capricorns can use this stone to improve their focus during essential projects.

It’s a stone that Capricorns will love since it can strengthen your determination and give you the power to keep going. This gemstone may also improve one’s memory and bring down stress levels.

It is also said that working with the onyx gemstone can help Capricorns bring balance into their life.

Wearing this crystal can give Capricorns a confidence boost, which can improve their performance during work. Overall, this stone is an excellent pick for Capricorns and can be used as a lucky charm for them.


Lastly, let’s talk about the fantastic Capricorn birthstone, the amethyst. This gemstone can balance a Capricorn’s emotional and practical sides. It’s not only a natural stress reliever, but it’s great for focusing on tasks.

Capricorns tend to lose themselves when it comes to work, which is why the amethyst works perfectly for them. It can put their minds and ease and remind them to take a step back when needed.

Is Capricorn An Earth Element?

Capricorn is one of the earth’s zodiac signs, along with Virgo and Taurus. These zodiac signs are known to be more practical when it comes to navigating their way through life.

When it comes to emotions, Earth signs tend to think more with their brain than with their heart. It may take a lot to get a Capricorn raging, but once they are angry, they make it known.

They tend to express their emotions through actions rather than words. But, just like all the other earth elements, this astrological sign is reliable and are beings who stick to its words.

How to Use Capricorn Crystals and Stones

There are many ways to use Capricorn birthstones as healing crystals. From wearing Capricorn birthstone jewelry to keeping a piece of Capricorn crystal in your purse or pocket, there are many ways to enjoy the benefits of these stones.

Wear As Jewelry

One of the most powerful ways to experience the effects of Capricorn birthstones is by wearing them against your skin. This is the most clever way to soak all the positive energy and rejuvenate your thoughts. You can wear the stones as jewelry in your necklaces, bracelets, and rings.

Place Around Your Home

Place the crystals around your house or office if you want to elevate your environment with the positive vibes of these birthstones. When these stones release power rays, they change how you think and bring prosperity to your life.

Hold During Meditation

When meditating, birthstones can be your best accessories. Hold them in your hand during a meditation session to feel their utmost power.

Chakra Healing

If you want to use the stones for chakra healing, you need to keep the stone in physical contact. For example, the third eye chakra is associated with the forehead. Place the stone on your forehead while you meditate lying down.

Meanwhile, the solar plexus chakra is located just above the navel. Whichever chakra you are trying to heal, place the crystal in that area. You can also hold the crystal in your hand and focus on it during meditation.

How to Cleanse Birthstones

It’s essential to clean gemstones to remove any dirt, oil, or other substances and negative energies that may have built up. You don’t want to clean gemstones with harsh chemicals or abrasives, as these can damage the stone’s surface and inner power. Instead, use a soft cloth and cleanse under running water.

If you’ve had a couple of emotionally taxing or heavy days, recharge the stone under the light of a full moon. It helps cleanse and purify the stone so it can be used again.

Final Thoughts on Capricorn Birthstones

From onyx to agates, Capricorns have a superb selection of birthstones to choose from. All of these stones contain protective and transformative energies. They can help this astrological sign feel focused, powerful, inspired, and motivated.

Although they may be stubborn at times, Capricorns are a reliable star sign with a heart of gold. Using these stones can keep their heart in the right place and ease the stress of their hardworking lifestyles.

Try wearing these stones if you’re a Capricorn looking to attract abundance and heal your energy. The most popular way to wear most of these stones is through tumbled bracelets or rings. Overall, these birthstones can be very helpful for Capricorn’s trying to achieve their dreams.

Other Birthstones

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