Brucite is a mineral that gets its name from the Greek Bruxa, which means “calm.” It’s said to be a great crystal for relaxation and peace. Brucite is found in white, gray, yellow, green, and pink. The most common Brucite is white or pale yellow.

Brucite is found in metamorphic rocks. The Mohs hardness of Brucite is 2-2.5. Brucite was first discovered in 1824 by James Dwight Dana. Brucite has many uses such as fireproofing, brake linings, and it can be used to make magnesium metal. Brucite is also used in agriculture as a fertilizer. When brucite is exposed to water, it releases magnesium ions, which can help plants grow faster.

Brucite is a soft mineral, so it’s not often used in jewelry making. But it can be used to make figurines and other collectibles.