Brazilianite is a yellow, green, or pink crystal that is named after the country where it was first discovered, Brazil. It is typically found in metamorphic rocks, and is a member of the feldspar family.

Brazilianite typically has a Mohs hardness of 6-6.5, which means it can scratch glass but will be scratched by quartz. Brazilianite typically has a vitreous luster, meaning it appears to be glassy or oily. It is transparent to translucent, and its cleavage is perfect in two directions. Brazilianite typically occurs as hexagonal crystals, and it is also known as the “asparagus stone” because of its unique coloration.

Brazilianite is said to promote joy, vitality, and creativity, and it is also believed to help with communication and self-expression. Brazilianite can be found in jewelry stores or online, and it make a beautiful addition to any collection. Thanks for learning about Brazilianite!

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